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9 Small Things You Can Do to Make Your First Week Less Stressful

Heading into a new gig is always intimidating. How’s your team going to feel about you? Will you be able to deliver? And most importantly, what’s the coffee situation like in the office (Keurig or old-fashioned drip)?

While we can’t help you figure out how you’ll get your caffeine fix, we can supply with a few great reads that’ll ensure you have as smooth a transition as possible.

  1. Take an hour or so to update your social media profiles, let people know about the position, and double-check that there’s nothing incriminating online. (Hootsuite)
  2. Come up with a game plan for what you hope to accomplish early on. (Business Insider)
  3. Run through scenarios of how you’re going to make a stellar first impression when you meet your new colleagues. (Fast Company)
  4. Between figuring out where the bathroom is and how to get the finicky copy machine to work, you’ll also want to make sure you ask these five questions. (Forbes)
  5. Ask around and look at company photos to figure out what your unofficial dress code is before you walk in on day one. (Mashable)
  6. The beginning will be a blur of faces, so be sure you’ve got several responses prepared in case you forget a new colleague’s name. (LinkedIn)
  7. You’ll need an awesome notebook to keep track of everything thrown at you. Here are five great ones to check out. (Lifehacker)
  8. Get ahead on logistics by packing your work bag, preparing any documents you need to bring, and figuring out how long it will take you to get there. (Wise Bread)
  9. Research your team one more time and plan out ways to get to know everyone in the office better over the next several weeks. (The Daily Muse)

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