When you’re slogging through the job search process, most of it can feel pretty uniform: You fill out an application, send off a resume, and wait for a response. The one thing that totally changes every time? That pesky cover letter that never seems to get any easier to write.

If you’re looking for some help, you’re in luck: We’ve scoured the web for the best resources to help you totally kill it on your next cover letter.

  1. Remember, writing a cover letter helps you take control of the narrative. (TheLadders)
  2. For the best cover letter ever, approach the whole thing like writing an acceptance speech. (Lifehacker)
  3. You need to stop using these 10 words and phrases, because they’re killing your cover letter (and possibly your job application). (Fast Company)
  4. There’s a more scientific approach to writing a cover letter (and it includes a cool chart). (Psychology Today)
  5. If you want to keep employers and hiring managers intrigued, your cover letter needs to tell a story. (99U)
  6. Even Leonardo da Vinci can teach you something about writing a totally stellar cover letter. (Entrepreneur)
  7. Are you guilty of committing one of these seven deadly sins of cover letter writing? (US News)
  8. Another important factor of the cover letter: Don’t forget about the logistics. (Forbes)

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