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10 Ways Your Imagination Can Make You Better at Your Job

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Imagination was a big buzzword when we were kids (before we knew what “buzzword” meant, anyway). However, since entering the workplace, it’s almost vanished from our vocabulary.

And that’s too bad, because our imaginations can help us solve challenging business problems, innovate, and explore new possibilities and futures.

In fact, it’s time to bring imagination back. And we’ve found the best resources on the internet for harnessing yours. Imagine that!

  1. It turns out, Einstein wasn’t a genius. He was just really, really good at unleashing his creative side. (Digital Tonto)

  2. Why one woman believes we’re entering the “Imagination Age”—and how you can prepare. (Forbes)

  3. All you need to become more creative is a piece of paper, a pen, and these three challenges. That was easy. (Harvard Business Review)

  4. In case you were curious, this study looked at how imagination works. (Popular Science)

  5. Here are seven reasons why imagination is so important to your career. (LinkedIn)

  6. Build up your imagination by asking ? + ? = 10, not 5 + 5 = ?, and other cool tips from the executive director of Stanford’s Technology Ventures Program. (Inc.)

  7. Headphones and a good playlist may be all you need to get out of that creative rut. (Psychology Today)

  8. The greats always know how to unleash their imagination. This article shares methods used by Steve Jobs, Bob Dylan, and the inventor of Post-its.

  9. We’re not calling for an extreme desk makeover, but adding this color to your work area could help you kick-start your creative side. (The Huffington Post)

  10. Everybody could use a little ohm in their offices: A Frontiers in Cognition study found that certain types of meditation make you more creative. (Science Daily)