Senior DevOps Engineer

Meet CarGurus—the #1 visited online car shopping website in the US. At CarGurus, we're building the world's most trusted and transparent automotive marketplace where it's easy to find great deals from top-rated dealers.

As an experienced Senior DevOps Engineer working on the Platform team, you will be responsible for designing, implementing and operating our next generation platform. A successful candidate will have a track record of striving for operational excellence in a fast-moving environment with an ability to balance incremental improvements with an ambitious long-term roadmap.

 Role Responsibilities:

- Work with immutable infrastructure in both on-cloud and on-prem environments

- Create Continuous Delivery pipelines for a variety of containerized applications that are built using Java, Ruby, Golang, and Nodejs

- Troubleshoot and perform root cause identification of complex distributed applications

- Identify development bottlenecks and working with engineers to improve their velocity

- Building services that automate and orchestrate infrastructure, primarily using Golang


Minimum Requirements:

- Experience using High-level programming languages like Golang, Python or Ruby

- Deep understanding of the modern Linux system including working with modern user-space networking and performance tooling

- Solid understand of containerization using Docker with experience of LXC, Rkt or CRI-O a plus

- Passion for managing infrastructure with code

- Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate with partner teams effectively


Recommended Technical Skills:

- Operational experience of Kubernetes including using and building Operators

- Comfortable working with Terraform, Ignition, CoreOS. Although the use of tools like Ansible, Chef or Puppet is a plus

- Monitoring and metrics tools like Prometheus, Sentry and Honeycomb

- Understanding of distributed key-value stores like etcd or consul

- Secrets management using tools like Vault or AWS KMS

- Comfortable working with and contributing back to Open Source tools

- Evangelized technical best practices internally and externally within an organization

Meet Some of CarGurus's Employees

Mike C.

VP, Dealer Relations

As VP, Dealer Relations, Mike helms the team that grows CarGurus’ customer base, while driving revenue growth, mitigating churn and revenue compression, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Arielle A.

Senior Manager, Marketing

Arielle’s main responsibility for the B2B Team is to manage current dealer customers, including onboarding customers and upselling them to new display products, as well as handling new product announcements.

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