Senior DevOps Engineer

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As an experienced Senior DevOps Engineer working on the Platform team, you will be responsible for designing, implementing and operating our next generation platform. A successful candidate will have a track record of striving for operational excellence in a fast-moving environment with an ability to balance incremental improvements with an ambitious long-term roadmap.

 Role Responsibilities:

- Work with immutable infrastructure in both on-cloud and on-prem environments

- Create Continuous Delivery pipelines for a variety of containerized applications that are built using Java, Ruby, Golang, and Nodejs

- Troubleshoot and perform root cause identification of complex distributed applications

- Identify development bottlenecks and working with engineers to improve their velocity

- Building services that automate and orchestrate infrastructure, primarily using Golang


Minimum Requirements:

- Experience using High-level programming languages like Golang, Python or Ruby

- Deep understanding of the modern Linux system including working with modern user-space networking and performance tooling

- Solid understand of containerization using Docker with experience of LXC, Rkt or CRI-O a plus

- Passion for managing infrastructure with code

- Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate with partner teams effectively


Recommended Technical Skills:

- Operational experience of Kubernetes including using and building Operators

- Comfortable working with Terraform, Ignition, CoreOS. Although the use of tools like Ansible, Chef or Puppet is a plus

- Monitoring and metrics tools like Prometheus, Sentry and Honeycomb

- Understanding of distributed key-value stores like etcd or consul

- Secrets management using tools like Vault or AWS KMS

- Comfortable working with and contributing back to Open Source tools

- Evangelized technical best practices internally and externally within an organization

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