You don’t want to work for just any company—you want to work for the best, right?

Look no further, because we have here 15 companies that are leaders and innovators in their fields, and they’re only getting bigger.

Seriously—these companies have grown in size, increased their revenues substantially, and made huge impacts within evolving industries. So if there’s any time to join the party, it’s now.

The most important part? They’re hiring!

1. Yello

Yello company profile
Yello culture
Working at Yello

Founded in 2008, Yello’s leading recruitment software manages and mobilizes talent acquisition processes for businesses worldwide. Servicing organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies, Yello—HR Executive’s 2015 Top Product Winner—is transforming talent acquisition.

Yello achieved 100% growth in employee size over the past year and continues to grow. Employees have the opportunity to make an impact from day one, and the company continuously supports rapid professional growth.

“We have the freedom to identify a problem, determine a method to solve it, and implement that solution quickly. Some organizations have long-established practices, but Yello is always open to new ways of solving problems in order to meet a goal,” says Mario Harvey, Cloud Infrastructure Architect.

2. IEX Group

IEX Group company profile
IEX Group culture
Working at IEX Group

As an educational leader with a team of cross-country experts and a thoughtfully designed and robust platform, IEX is driving fairness and transparency by building a market that works for investors. In 2015, the company placed in Forbes’ annual Fintech 50 list of game-changers transforming the financial industry.

Bringing a fresh approach to a centuries-old business, a major part of IEX’s mission is to demystify myths and misconceptions of today’s equities markets. As pioneers and educators, employees and senior executives attend speaking engagements, press interviews, and live events with investors, executives, CFOs, and groups dependent on a thriving marketplace—tapping into the pulse of the evolving market.

IEX is already making serious waves, so much so that it is already waiting on government approval to become its own stock exchange.

5. Rakuten Rewards

Rakuten Rewards company profile
Rakuten Rewards culture
Working at Rakuten Rewards

Founded as Ebates in 1998, Rakuten Rewards is a pioneer in Cash Back and shopping rewards. Rakuten Rewards has 12 million members have earned over $1 billion in Cash Back at their favorite stores. They are the largest free loyalty program in the United States and jersey badge sponsor of the Golden State Warriors.

With a staff of exceptionally smart people and a mission to transform the online shopping experience, Rakuten Rewards is proud to be part of a tech scene that’s innovating more every day: “I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how quickly we can move and how similar to a startup it is—while still having the backing of a solid company with millions of users,” says Serge Doubinski, Director of Product Management.

7. Appian

Appian company profile
Appian culture
Working at Appian

With Appian, any company can rapidly build, deploy, use, and scale innovative business applications tailored to fit their unique needs. Under one enterprise application platform, businesses can have access to everything they need to do their jobs better and make the right business decisions faster, from real-time analytics to data management.

“We change the way people are performing their day-to-day tasks, improve the way they work, and make them more efficient so they can achieve their goals and meet their business needs,” says Naveen Bokhari, Senior Consultant.

8. Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics company profile
Fetch Robotics culture
Working at Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics—a venture-­backed Silicon Valley startup that launched in 2014—is creating innovative robotic solutions for the logistics market. With its first-class robotics and software programming, Fetch Robotics designs autonomous and collaborative robots, like the Freight mobile base and Fetch mobile manipulator models, to streamline operations, provide real-time warehouse information, and ultimately increase productivity.

Fetch Robotics employees are literally building the future one nut and bolt at a time—turning the high-functioning robots imagined in science fiction into reality.

“The robots at Fetch Robotics are cutting edge, a lot of fun, and get better every single day,” says Ian Danforth, Lead Robotics Engineer.

10. Hometeam

Hometeam company profile
Hometeam culture
Working at Hometeam

Powered by technology and strengthened by compassion, Hometeam is dramatically modernizing the in-home care industry. Hometeam has developed software that intelligently matches families with experienced caregivers, connects families to their loved ones with mobile technology, and helps caregivers plan beautiful days for older adults. Hometeam helps thousands of caregivers build rewarding careers as they enable older adults to live comfortably, safely, and happily at home.

Employees at Hometeam are incredibly proud to be part of a company that’s committed to delivering the highest quality of care for older adults—not only while they are in their homes, but also while out and about. According to team members, it’s this key difference that sets Hometeam apart and what’s going to reshape and improve homecare within the healthcare industry as a whole.

15. Tapingo

Tapingo company profile
Tapingo culture
Working at Tapingo

Tapingo is improving the way people buy things by solving a key problem—lack of time. The company’s innovative mobile app lets users browse the menus of nearby locations, customize orders, pay, then choose between delivery or pickup. Leveraging mobile technology, Tapingo is empowering users to #StopWaiting for the things they need so they can focus on the things that matter.

“It’s awesome to be working on a product that’s becoming useful to so many people,” says Chad La Tourette, Senior Growth Manager.

As more people use the product, the company needs more people to join its team—which is why Tapingo recently moved into a beautiful new office space with a lot of room to grow.

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