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Activities Director: Camp Half-Blood North

3+ months agoNew York, NY

Activities Director: Camp Half-Blood North
Position Overview: The Activities Director (AD) of Camp Half-Blood North is responsible for coordination of camp games, management of camp training (such as sword training), delivery and execution of camp’s daily schedule, management of camp inventory, hosting and refereeing of Olympic games, as well as driving the camp van in and out of the park each day.

Activities Responsibilities Overview:
Pre-Season: the AD will collaborate with Program & Camp Directors and the Quest leadership team to:
Assist Program Director with the guidelines for a camp currency system; a Demigod “rule-book” for all competitions (combat, sports, Olympics, etc.); programming and curriculum for daily demigod training activities and electives; and a heroic code of conduct as well as a consequence system for infractions.
In-season: the AD is on the ground at the CHB North full-time during the camp season in order to execute daily activities of camp.
Every day: Manage camp inventory and make sure inventory management practices are being upheld. Administer merit-coins after review with counselors/director.
Mondays: implementing the camp schedule of training and activities during rotations and elective classes.
Tuesdays: continuing training and activities, and assisting Quest team with execution should assistance be required.
Wednesdays: leading camp’s defense against the inevitable siege plot and commanding the demigod army to victory.
Thursdays: function as the Olympic Games host and score-keeper. Administer games equipment set up and keep the camp running on schedule. Ultimately lead the camp awards ceremonies at the end of the day.
Fridays: orchestrate and execute camp’s defense/mobilization as it relates to Friday’s final battle and story finale of the week; assist camp leadership with closing ceremonies
Daily breakdown (Mondays and Tuesdays):
Mornings: speech during morning announcements (code of conduct, scheduled training/activities, currency, et.), lead morning rotation activity (sword intro and/or battle strategy intro)
Afternoons: organize elective activity spacing, indicate where materials are located, and monitor classes for QA.
Pack-up: implement random hometown inspections during pick-up and develop incentives and consequences for inspections

Additional Responsibilities:
Rain Days: the AD will be responsible for assisting camp leadership in developing and executing indoor programming.
Staff Training: the AD will be responsible for leading or assisting portions of pre-season staff training for CHB North, including but not limited to:
Running counselors and CIT’s through training on swordplay, games, and other core camp activities.
Assisting other staff training elements as needed
Substitute Counselor: the AD will rarely need to step in as the Senior Counselor for a hometown in the case of an absence or emergency where another sub is unavailable.
First Aid/CPR: the AD will maintain First Aid during the camp season (re-certification provided by Plato Learning), and will be responsible for administering First Aid at camp in the event the Health Director or other medical staff are unable to administer.
Other: The AD may be asked to take on related additional responsibilities that may arise depending on the developing needs of Camp Half-Blood

Salary and Hours:
Competitive rate offered.
Pre-season development and training hours are part-time and flexible depending on schedule until the start of camp (June 17). The start date for pre-season work is April 9th.
In-season (June 17-August 23) time commitment is full-time from 9 am to 4 pm each day (occasional attendance at staff meetings at 8 am as needed).
The Activities Director will report to the Camp Half-Blood North Program Director.