API - v2

For more customizable and technical solutions, we offer an easy-to-use API to provide job and company listings. This API is publicly available to other companies. If you have any issues with the API, you can reach us at api@themuse.com.

By using this API, you agree to the terms and conditions.



The API always returns JSON.

Status Codes

Four different status codes may be returned:

  • 200: The request was successful.
  • 400: An error occurred in your request.
  • 403: The request was forbidden - usually because you hit a rate limit.
  • 404: The resource could not be found.

Rate Limits

The following rate limits apply:

  • You can register your app and use the provided API key by passing it in as the query parameter api_key. This will allow you to make up to 3600 requests per hour.
  • If you don't register your app and provide an api_key query parameter, you're limited to 500 requests per hour.

To know where you are relative to the limit, these HTTP headers will be returned with every response:

  • X-RateLimit-Remaining: How many requests you can still make at this time
  • X-RateLimit-Limit: The total number of requests you're allowed to make
  • X-RateLimit-Reset: Seconds remaining before the rate limit resets

Error Responses

If an error occurs, you'll get a response body like this:

"code": 400,
"error", "An error message"

code contains the HTTP status code. error contains an error message.

Paginated Listings

Some endpoints return paginated lists in a standard format, like so:

"page_count": 5,
"page": 0,
"results": [...]

These endpoints require a page query parameter, which should be an integer. In the response body, page specifies this value. page_count specifies how many pages there are total. results is an array that contains the items in the page. A full page will contain 20 results. The last page may return less than 20 results. Requests with an out of range page value will return 0 results.

API Endpoints


GET https://www.themuse.com/api/public/jobs

Gets a list of jobs, intelligently sorted by a number of factors such as trendiness, uniqueness, newness, etc.

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