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Happy People
Musers believe that happy people work the best, so the team enjoys flexible work hours, work from home, and “workcation” options—which employees have used to work remotely everywhere from London to Thailand. Employees—and managers—are constantly given feedback on their performances, ensuring the team is always improving and moving forward.
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What The Muse Does
Muse 101
The Muse is the ultimate destination for professionals looking to take charge of their careers. Offering expert advice, unique job postings and career resources, and behind-the-scenes peeks at awesome companies, The Muse brings its users everything they need to figure out how to find, land, and succeed at their dream job.
“We want The Muse to be that one-stop destination for people who care about their career and want to build a better professional life.”
-Kathryn Minshew
Co-Founder & CEO
"We're constantly experimenting with new products and features, and that allows us to keep growing at an incredible pace."
Full-Stack Engineer