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Customers, employees, sales people, and channel partners all play a crucial role in a business’ success. Maritz provides people-centered business performance solutions—connecting its Fortune 500 clients and their people to results. Businesses can harness the power of their people thanks to Maritz' unique expertise in understanding people, inspiring behaviors that drive business results, and creating memorable experiences that strengthen brand connections.

Maritz IT Services, a shared service that supports the Maritz businesses, is a consultative, service-based, customer-focused organization that provides a wide range of IT solutions. Maritz IT Services values the success of its customers and finds that success through its people. The family of businesses include Maritz Global Events, Maritz Motivation Solutions, MaritzCX, Maritz Channel Services, and Maritz Behavioral Science & Innovation.

Working at Maritz

Maritz' motto is "work hard, have fun, and get the job done."

  • Fenton, MO
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