Technical Animator - New IP

Technical Animators create and maintain excellent and intuitive animation rigs, tools and delivery pipelines to support all game animation. They are proactive, organised and methodical.

They possess artistic skill, understand the principals of animation and have a good eye for form that allows then to judge and produce excellent deformation in skinned, rigged and animated meshes.

They have great technical skills and have a full understanding of the in-game animation development process and pipelines. They are responsible for the evaluation, development, support, documentation and continual improvements of the animation pipelines for the project. They can advise and mentor on all stages of technical animation delivery.

Technical Animators provide the vital link between animators, designers and programmers helping to debug and solve animation performance issues. They are provide critical support to the project with a deep understanding of process, pipeline and platform requirements. They communicate between disciplines, proactively solving problems and fostering a good relationships across the game team.

The Technical Animator works closely with the Lead Animator to create rigs and animation tools that suit the both the project needs and respond to animators’ feedback.

Reports to: Lead Animator and Game Art Director
Main responsibilities and accountabilities:

  • Produce efficient, professional quality animation rigs with intuitive controls.
  • Provide effective tools, support and troubleshooting for both key frame and motion capture animation delivery pipelines.
  • Set up and revise full motion graphs and trouble shoot them in-game.
  • Skin animation meshes to give good deformation and advise character modellers on best geometry flow for deformation.

 Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Fully proficient in 3D animation software (e.g. Maya, MotionBuilder) with a deep technical focus on rigging, skinning and animation tools, matched with significant production experience in efficient use of these tools.
  • Professional level ability to script modular, adaptable tools in Mel, PyMel or Python and other languages.
  • Experienced understanding of platform requirements and pipelines. Ability to define, document and advise on best practice for others to follow.
  • Ability to debug and solve complex, interconnected problems in tools and pipelines that have cross discipline dependencies.
  • Professionally competency with game engines and ability to quickly learn the studio's tools and contribute to their development.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and in a flexible style, to team, peers and management.
  • Professional attitude and work ethic with solid soft skills and team working ability.

 Qualifications and Experience:
  • Excellent portfolio/showreel.
  • Game experience preferable though Film/TV background also interesting.
  • Strong experience setting up and de-bugging motion graphs and in-game procedural animation components.
  • Ability to create truly convincing deformation with combinations of blend shapes and bone animation both for bodies and faces.

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