Senior Art External Development (Outsource) Manager

As a Senior Art External Development (Outsource) Manager, you have a passion to work with external studios will be in charge of writing the RFPs, managing the art assets and the relationship between Zynga and the External Studio.

Able to juggle production tracking and feedback for many assets at once, you’re organized and meticulous. You are easily able to handle scheduling and hold external studios to the guidelines set out for them. You are able to maintain scope within allotted budgets.

Communication is something that comes naturally for you. You’re able to translate complex ideas into actionable feedback. You pro-actively seek to strengthen communication channels between internal and external teams. You are able to take the vision of the art director and communicate it externally.

You have an excellent eye for art fundamentals and are able to call out errors, inconsistencies, and provide artistic feedback to external studios.

Job Requirements:

  • Excellent written and visual communication skills – The ExDev manager is in charge of giving feedback notes from the Art Director and other key stakeholders to the External Studio. Feedback is generally given visually with written support.
  • Strong Art Fundamentals and an excellent eye for – Drawing, Color Theory, Composition, Lighting, Shape, and Form.
  • Strong illustration skills and understanding of Photoshop.
  • Writing RFPs for vendors, which consists of not only specs, but extensive references, drawings, mockups, and other resources.
  • Team-player – RFPs may contain animatics, storyboards, and technical information from other disciplines, necessitating that the ExDev manager not work in a vacuum.
  • Basic understanding of 3D or a willingness to learn the pipeline and art requirements.
  • 5+ years experience is games, Management experience 2-3+ years in a Lead or ExDev Manager position.
  • Slots experience is a plus.
  • Software Requirements:
  • Photoshop skills are a must.
  • Must have experience using source control software such as Perforce or SVN.
  • 3D (Maya) a plus
  • Unity a plus

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