Middleware Engineer - Morpheme

We are looking for a Middleware Engineer to join our close-knit highly collaborative team. The Morpheme Application is a Windows based application for animators to author the animations that are deployed on games platforms. Morpheme is the industry leading animation authoring middleware which has been used on a number of high profile titles including Killzone: Shadow Fall, Bioshock Infinite & Dark Souls 2.

What you will be doing

  • As a member of the Morpheme Connect team you will be working to continue to develop middleware that is recognised as industry leading technology.
  • What your first week will look like; you will be running through the tutorials of Morpheme, understanding the different processes of the teams and already got hands on in tackling some bugs.
  • By the end of month one; you will have tackled some bugs that test you but you will have also started working on adding to Morpheme through writing small features for the upcoming release. You will have reviewed some of your colleagues’ code and have provided feedback and recommendations.
  • By month three; you will have contributed to the design of features for the next release. Having taken ownership of certain aspects of feature development you will be driving that forward. You will have taken the knowledge and techniques you learnt and be applying it to the features you are creating, these are likely to be different from any work you have done in the past and give you a chance to try something new.
  • At the end of your 6th month; you will have built a reputation for being an expert in a certain aspect of morpheme connect development but you will also be contributing to areas outside your comfort zone and constantly given chances to learn and try different things. Beyond that you will have recognised all the things you have learnt in the last six months and be hungry for more challenges.
  • A year in; you will be responsible for design of new features in the application this may be UI, architecture or a number of different other areas. You will be mentoring other team members based on your experience and encouraging them to challenge themselves. You will be shaping and defining what Morpheme looks like and what it will become and be a main member of a team creating technology to advance AAA titles.

What you will bring:

  • You know your way around C++ or C#, enough that you could write tools and fix bugs.
  • You have worked with either OpenGL or DirectX and know about rendering and writing shaders.
  • This isn’t your first job, you know your way around software engineering/application development and are confident in your own ability

You won’t know about all the below, but you have a couple of areas you are very strong in and interested in expanding your skills in the others:

  • Experience of Computer Animation (Games, VFX etc.)
  • Understanding of the Games Tool Chain
  • Rigging
  • Scene Graphs
  • Scripting (e.g Mel, Lua etc.)
  • Writing Plugins for Max, Maya and related tools
  • Animation file formats
  • Experience of working on a large well established mature code-base.
  • User Interface (2D and 3D)

We are looking for somebody who will join our team, work with us and make a difference. We like people who are bright, highly motivated, have ideas, enjoy working in a team and “get things done”. You probably don’t have all the skills identified but you should have some of them and be keen to acquire more. Most candidates will have a degree but this is not essential – some outstanding engineers don’t, most do. The other thing that we are really keen on is that you want to do the work that we are doing – we do.

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