3D Animator Intern

NaturalMotion is an industry leading mobile games and technology developer and one of the fastest-growing mobile publishers on IOS and Android. We are committed to creating ultra-high-quality games and products using our proprietary animation technology. Our phenomenally successful games, CSR2 Racing and Clumsy Ninja¸ incorporate cutting-edge art, technology and design and are played worldwide, across multiple platforms, by millions of people.

Our goal is to wow people with creativity and technology. We like making stuff that seems impossible. The thrill of achieving this together in a team - and seeing the result played by millions - creates an incredibly powerful sense of purpose

 Join us on the NaturalMotion Internship Programme 2017 and be a part of a team that is redefining the industry.


On the internship you will…

  • Work on live projects in a cutting edge studio.
  • Learn about industry pipelines and processes from experienced industry professionals.
  • Receive the regular and direct, critiques, feedback and mentoring from the Senior Art Team. This will develop your animation skills and provide insight into delivering professional standard work.
  • Help us to create amazing games, work with an incredibly talented team and gain hands-on experience in the creation of innovative mobile games.

The internship is structured so that:

  • In the first week you will take your time to understand the game and the team structure, including the shared working and connections across all the development disciplines.
  • By the end of your first month you will have contributed practically to the game, showing your knowledge gained in the first week. You will have learnt from the professionals around you and feel confident your animation has seen improvements.
  • By the end of the internship you will have contributed to the development team and project and have gained new professional understanding and skills in your discipline area. Animations you create have a strong chance of being implemented in game.

From the internship you will have gained:

  • Experience of working in a live team environment
  • Personalised professional feedback on your work through regular 121’s and reviews that have led to improvements in your abilities.
  • Exposure to best working practices outside of educational environment
  • A better understanding of games development and how animation positions fit within teams.


    • An ability to work and communicate effectively in a team environment.
    • An animation education.
    • Ability to communicate visual ideas of motion through effective use of 2D thumbnail drawings and rough animation pose block-outs.
    • Ability to demonstrate the principals of animation.
    • Ability to create looping animations to a specification and style.
  • Competency in key 3D animation software (Maya or 3D Studio Max).
  • *Bonus* - Basic competence with a game engine.
  • *Bonus* - Basic understanding of Motion Builder.

What you need to include in your application:

  • Your CV
  • A cover letter telling us why you’re interested and why you would be a good fit for the role.
  • A link to your animation showreel on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • A link to you online work, we want to see your best work so far.


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