Sr. Software Engineer, Architecture & Infrastructure

About the team:
Our Architecture & Infrastructure team builds and improves the foundations that support everything we do here at Zoosk. We build and maintain large-scale data storage and processing systems using some technologies like SQL, Memcached, Cassandra, SOLR, and Hadoop. Much of our backend is made up of custom technologies we've developed in-house to solve unique problems.

Short-term, this position has what many would consider a dream challenge and project: how can Zoosk better leverage cloud architecture?
This project will have you be researching, designing, and strategizing how Zoosk's infrastructure can leverage capabilities that are only really provided by being in the cloud. You'll also be part of the team to execute on these designs, which ultimately means you'll still be involved with coding, configurations, diagnostics, monitoring, etc.

Long-term, you'll be a main contributor to driving the architectural roadmap for Zoosk. The following is a small assortment of problems we'd want to tackle:
- What components should be isolated into dedicated services, and what tooling can we use or build to facilitate these shifts? (Domain driven design)
- How can we improve our communication / search / notifications / etc infrastructure?
- How do we better monitor how well the product is doing? How do we better assess how we're executing on our initiatives?
- How do we make it easier for developers to continue with these initiatives?

Who you are:
Altogether, we want someone who:
- wants to and looks forward to getting their hands dirty, software and hardware, to execute on a large scale projects;
- aspires to complement business requirements through strong engineering initiatives and achieve significant return on investments;
- initiates applying or learning the latest and greatest technologies, but also understands what is required to effectively schedule this in a long-term engineering roadmap
- rallies other domain experts to flesh out a design that meets operational and business requirements
- proposes well reasoned approaches to problems, both with individual and coordinated inputs
- puts things into list format (only kidding, not actually a requirement, though kudos if you do enjoy lists)

Technical requirements:
- 6+ years experience server-side development, with evidence of working with multiple languages, with at least a Bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent.
- Previous experience either in migrating services to a cloud platform or in building out and maintaining them is required.
- Operations and diagnostic experience with both on-premise and cloud operational experience; able to resolve production issues through a combination of monitoring tools, log parsing, unix scripting, etc.
- Solid understanding of data structures, distributed computing, network programming, databases, and overall software architecture
- Significant experience in Data Modeling, with strong experience in at least one SQL-based RDMS, and at least some experience and knowledge of alternatives
- Experience building, deploying, and maintaining services; knows how to leverage monitoring tools and business intelligence tools to identify further improvements.

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