Software Engineer, JavaScript

Zoosk’s Core Values:
Don’t stop caring
Be a doer
We’re better together
Speak up
We say no to the status quo
If there’s fun to be had, then have it

About Us:
Zoosk is a leading online dating company in San Francisco founded by two engineers in 2007.  After Nine years, we have 38 million users in 80 countries exchanging millions of messages in 25 different languages every single day. Zoosk has always been interested in pursuing cutting-edge technologies and these days we are looking for a front-end Software Engineer guru for Web to join our team.  

Zoosk’s Web applications for desktop, and separately for phone/tablet are Single Page Applications written on top of Google Closure (the Javascript library behind Google Docs, Maps, GMail) and AngularJS. We have almost half a million lines of Javascript, Soy/Dust templates, HTML, NodeJS, AngularJS, and other tools/technologies just to serve a robust SPA. And now we’re looking for someone sharp, smart, passionate, and team player to help us maintain and expand our applications further.

Zoosk’s headquarters are conveniently located in downtown San Francisco near Powell’s BART station. We have a dog-friendly, open office with high ceilings, a kitchen with plenty of snacks, and a variety of perks that support developers so they can focus on their work and enjoy their environment.

About You:

  • You have a strong passion for learning. When it comes to the detective work, you love to put your Sherlock Holmes hat on and dig into the code.
  • You know Javascript very well which includes knowing the difference between “undefined” and “null” and not being surprised that “typeof []” returns “object”.
  • You can also explain the concepts of hoisting and closure to someone who just knows GW-Basic.
  • You are very comfortable working with AngularJS and can explain why usually digest runs at least twice to detect a change.
  • You have a very good grasp of Computer Science fundamentals—you know what a Collision in Hashmap is, what the Builder pattern in OO is, and you can write a Ternary search function by yourself without searching it in Stackoverflow. 
  • You have 6000+ working hours of related experience in front-end development. 
  • Bachelor's in Computer Science, or equivalent required. Master's preferred.

Bonus Points:

  • You have worked with Google Closure, CSS3/Sass, or PHP before.
  • You have worked on Single Page Applications before.
  • You have contributed to Open Source projects and have a showcase in your Github account.
  • You have experience working in a startup, on small teams, and doing fast-paced development. Afterall, at Zoosk, we ship code an average of three times a day.
  • You have created an account (just for test, at least) at and can name and describe at least five of the 200+ REST endpoints in our server-side that our SPA calls through out an authenticated session.

Meet Some of Zoosk's Employees

Sue A.

Lead Engineer, UI Development

Sue Anna serves as a go-between between the Design and Engineering Teams. She takes designs from Zoosk’s creatives and translates them into streamlined presentation markups and elegant code.

Behzad B.

Lead Product Manager - Web

Behzad keeps an eye on all Zoosk’s features, collaborating with the engineers to fix any areas that need improvement and always looking to build new additions.

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