Senior Quality Representative

As a Senior Quality Representative on the User Operations Team at Zoosk, your responsibilities are to measure quality and identify the common issues facing the group, and then work with the right teams to provide information they can use to resolve the issues. Based on your measurement and tracking of quality metrics across channels like anti-fraud, content moderation, phone support, and email response, you will be recommending improvements to the team's processes and tools, or surfacing issues that will be relayed to our technical teams, in order to enhance the user experience on Zoosk. This is a non-exempt position reporting to the User Operations Quality Lead.


  • Serve as day-to-day quality review representative for the User Operations team
  • Review anti-fraud, content moderation, and customer support activities to evaluate quality based on guidelines and standards provided by User Operations Quality Lead and department leads/managers
  • Review and assess fraud, content moderation, and user abuse ticket actions for accuracy, completeness, and other quality attributes
  • Monitor customer support calls and email tickets to evaluate quality, customer advocacy, and job knowledge
  • Assist in regular reports of quality reviews to department management team and senior management
  • Suggest training updates as identified through quality reviews
  • Objectionable material may nudity and pornography, as well as violence or abusive language. You must demonstrate comfort handling sensitive material professionally and appropriately



  • Must have recent online customer service experience working in a high email or ticket support environment, minimum 3 years.
  • Must be extremely detail oriented and highly organized
  • Ability to learn quickly and maintain a high level of productivity in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to efficiently review large volumes of data and identify trends or patterns of activity
  • Able to create and maintain regular reports of work product reviews, including trends over time
  • Solid experience and thorough knowledge of customer and technical support mechanisms and policies, as well as abuse and anti-fraud management activities
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills; must be comfortable presenting reports and findings to User Operations management team and senior management as necessary
  • Must demonstrate ability to handle confidential information professionally and appropriately
  • Ability to make independent decisions and exercise good judgment
  • Ability to work as part of a team and the ability to balance workload between duties as needed by User Operations Quality Lead
  • Moderate level of expertise using Excel, PowerPoint, or other presentation software.



  • Experience measuring and tracking quality in a customer service, content moderation, and/or fraud prevention production environment
  • Experience with social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, etc.)
  • Previous start-up experience
  • Experience providing tech support for a personals site, subscription services, or virtual goods


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