Senior Software Engineer - Back Office

Zappos is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our back office systems team.  You will be responsible for the day to day maintenance and development of our purchase ordering system, vendor portal, and more.

The ideal candidate will have experience in driving software features from design to implementation and enjoy development in a software ecosystem that evolves rapidly. Being a strong communicator, easy going, well-versed in the integration and enterprise application development is important.  You will be responsible for the technical design, implementation, and maintenance of the systems used primarily by our merchandising teams and vendors.


As a Senior Software Engineer you will:

  • Maintain and improve existing code bases.
  • Investigate, troubleshoot, and fix applications.
  • Troubleshoot communication issues between our applications and other teams’ applications.
  • Utilize common source control processes such as GitFlow and code review.
  • Add meaningful unit tests and monitoring.
  • Give input on how to improve and simplify applications and architecture.
  • Get in and understand existing complex systems by researching, reading through documentation, and seeking out and talking with people in the know.
  • Create and update and documentation for applications.
  • Capture and analyze data to improve system capabilities.
  • Build fault-tolerant and scalable systems/solutions.
  • Analysis and improve application performance.
  • Be a part of on-call rotations for supported applications.


What you’ll bring to the table:

  • A desire to make work fun and enjoyable (this is first on the list for a reason).
  • 5+ years production Java software development experience.
  • Experience with Java frameworks / build systems (Spring, JUnit, etc.).
  • Capability in connecting with users, other technical teams, and senior management to collect requirements, describe software product features, technical designs, and product approach.
  • A solid understanding of all software layers including UI, service, data store, and communication layers.
  • Proficient in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis.
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL and databases.
  • Experience with programming and consuming web services.
  • Experience with AWS.
  • High motivation, ability to hang with fast pace team, takes pride in work but also humble enough to work well with others with code reviews.
  • BS or MS in Computer Science (or related field).

What you didn’t know about the team: We are a well-rounded team that believes that great ideas can come from anywhere whether it be written on our whiteboard wall or on a napkin at the bar!

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