Senior Full-Stack Developer

Zappos IP, Inc. is looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer! 

What is the job? 

Our tech teams here at Zappos are made of smart people looking to solve tough problems and brainstorm new ideas. Our projects focus on the future of Zappos and customer experiences using a combination of new technologies and new approaches to old technologies. We have freedom to incubate new ideas with the backing of a large yet passionate-about-culture organization.

What skills do you need?

We are looking for an experienced full stack developer with a focus on front end development. Some of the technologies we use are Ruby on Rails, Javascript frameworks, Node, Mysql, Postgres, and R. Our general approach is language agnostic, choosing the best language for the job.

Being able to design applications from top to bottom, troubleshooting and fixing tough problems, hitting quick deadlines, knowing when to push back on requirements, and mentoring other developers will all be very important parts of this role. Knowing a programming language or two like the back of your hand will also come in very handy.

We are ideally looking for a "T-shaped developer"—someone who has a broad interest and understanding of technology and the web, but also has deep interest in a specialized area.  However, being a Zappos developer sometimes isn’t a full-time programming job.  We want someone who has their own big ideas, loves brainstorming sessions, and will participate in user research.

Required :

  • 5-7+ years production Java software development experience
  • BS or MS in Computer Science
  • Solid computer science fundamentals (theory, data structures, algorithms)
  • Good working knowledge of SQL
  • Experience with web services

What kind of people do we want?

Zappos is evolving into a self-organized and managerless company (read a bit about it here: If this is exciting to you, then read on.

Zappos Tech is always in search of people that are self-starters, visionary thinkers, and people who don’t mind a little bit of ambiguity. There are many open ended problems that there are no solutions for...yet. 

Meet Some of Zappos's Employees

Kar T.

Accounting Manager

Using advanced financial reporting systems, Kar collects, analyzes, and monitors Zappos' financial data. He presents the company's Management Team with reliable snapshots of performance to support business operations.

Angela G.

Buyer 3

Special occasion shoe shopping is Angela's specialty. She's responsible for picking fashionable footwear by brand and stocking up on an assortment of colors and designs to sell on Zappos' site.

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