Procurement Lead - Drinkware

Procurement Lead - Drinkware - China

* Candidate is ideally already located in Shanghai or Hangzhou, China*

YETI Coolers created and leads the premium cooler category by making ridiculously tough (bear-proof) coolers that keep things cold for an absurdly long time, and is now seeking a Procurement Lead to join our dynamic drinkware team in China. 

A little about YETI 

We set out to build a cooler without compromise -- one that would stand up to all the abuse we could throw at it. Turns out we weren’t alone in our frustration with cheap gear. Ten years and a few more compromise-free products later, and we’re one of the fastest growing brands in the outdoor industry. We are in a rare sweet spot where we get to build and shape this young brand and organization every day, but now have the resources to do really big things. We are probably bigger (in sales, staff, resources) than you think we are, but still small enough for you to meaningfully help build and shape this growing brand. We're headquartered in Austin, Texas, which is one of America's fastest growing cities for a reason: it's a pretty great place to live. 

A little about you 

You see challenges as opportunities, you have a keen eye for detail, and you bring a wealth of Global Sourcing and Supplier Development experience to the table. You can demonstrate the successful development of global suppliers around new or existing products or components as well as discuss in detail the journey taken to launch these suppliers. When talking about procurement and the ability to bring in new suppliers and maintain vendor relationships, you are the subject-matter expert. You can demonstrate the ability to lead dual or multi-sourcing strategies across a global sourcing footprint that also supports high quality product and packaging requirements. You are a team player but also have the ability to step in and coach when needed as you enjoy the teaching aspects of the role as well. With your ability to locate and develop new sources for our product requirements, you support the YETI brand promise directly along with the overall quality and supply chain requirements of the business. 

A lot about the job 

The Procurement Lead will be responsible for the identification of new suppliers and maintenance of existing suppliers in support of YETI Coolers Drinkware product lines as well as the capacity creation and supplier startup requirements needed to support the launch, scalability and quality and marketing requirements for the product line. 


  • Procurement Lead - Drinkware

Reports to 

  • Category Procurement Manager 


Key Interfaces 

  • Category Procurement Manager, Head of Procurement, Quality, New Product Industrialization, Buyers, Program Management team, Category Managers, and Suppliers 


  • Supplier identification, capacity/capability analysis and quotation 
  • New product sourcing and SKU maintenance 
  • Should-cost analyses and with suppliers
  • Establishing dual source strategies and executing them 
  • Coordinate the qualification of potential suppliers 
  • Establish ramp-up production plans and oversee progress, ensuring timetables are met 
  • Quarter-over-quarter cost improvements 


New Product Sourcing 

  • Locate supplier(s) with proven expertise in required fields to support the development of innovative products or support dual sourcing requirements 
  • Ensure the supplier(s) capabilities and process capabilities using quality, cost-effective and obtainable raw materials to meet the needs established by New Product Development, Marketing and Quality requirements of YETI Coolers 
  • Work alongside of New Product Development, Quality and Marketing teams to create initial product requirements 
  • Research, establish and maintain and up to date list of best in class potential suppliers  
  • Travel to new supplier candidates to verify their capabilities and initialize further investigation by the broader support team 
  • Troubleshoot with Quality and New Product Industrialization on root cause identification and resolution 
  • Utilize and assist the Asia Procurement Team as needed 

 Lead the way with regards to qualification of potential suppliers 

  • If not on file already, execute an NDA/Confidentiality Agreement with potential supplier(s) prior to submitting RFP 
  • Submit, receive, and validate Supplier Survey (with assistance of Quality and the Asia Team) along with the Supplier Evaluation Summary documentation; execute Supplier Agreements 
  • Ensure that the potential (or existing) supplier(s) have both long-term financial stability as well as the capacity to meet YETI’s (ever-growing) forecasted requirements. 
  • Submit formal RFQ/RFP to most qualified suppliers referencing payment term and quality requirements 
  • Obtain and evaluate detailed quotations versus should-cost models 
  • Create quote summaries and process overviews 
  • Support the PSA (First article submission) process in conjunction with Project Engineering for a new supplier launch of existing products  
  • Make a recommendation on fact-based supplier selection with consensus of Quality, Marketing, Manufacturing Process Engineering, New Product Development, and Purchasing 
  • Create Dual + Procurement Strategies to support specific product categories, execute, and maintain them in response to business needs 

Establish ramp-up production plans and oversee progress, ensuring timetables are met 

  • Obtain prototype and qualification samples 
  • Oversee ramp up activities including: Equipment ordering and receipt, tooling ordering and receipt, hiring plans, facility expansions and raw material ordering / pipeline establishment, production flow diagrams, execution of the Quality Control Plan with the Quality and New Product Industrialization teams, etc. 
  • Participate with Quality, NPD, New Product Industrialization and Marketing in the PSA Sample run off and evaluation process for the new products and lead the effort for production expansion 
  • Once supplier / product is approved and initial ramp up completed, coordinate hand-off to the Core Products Planner or designated supplier 
  • Engage New Product Industrialization for efficiency improvements at key suppliers 

Quarter-over-quarter cost improvements include but are not limited to:

  • Examining raw material, currency, and other input fluctuations for cost improvement 
  • Utilizing input from New Product Industrialization to drive cost improvements through efficiency gains 
  • Building duty / tax-efficient sourcing strategies 


  • Up to 60%, Domestic and International travel 


  • Cost effective, on-time launching of new products as measured within the core product team 
  • On time launch of supplier extensions to support Dual + Sourcing Initiatives 
  • Ensure that supplier capacities are aligned with all quality control plans 

Skill Set Requirements 

  • Strong communication, organizational and time management skills 
  • Project management and supplier production ramp up management 
  • Networked in plastics and other core material categories to define new sourcing opportunities 
  • Strong understanding of plastics production processes 
  • Effective relationship building skill to drive cross-functional resolution 
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communications skills 
  • PC skills – Microsoft Office (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 
  • Ability to travel domestically and globally and engage suppliers  
  • Understand various global customs as it pertains to business and developing partnerships 
  • Fluent in Mandarin and English

Educational and Previous Experience Requirements 

  • Bachelor's Degree 
  • 5+ years of Sourcing / Procurement experience in a fast paced environment focusing on Supplier Development
  • 5+ years of Project Management / supplier onboarding experience 
  • Demonstrated experience in sourcing quality, cost-effective, premium product solutions
  • Advanced skills when it comes to developing suppliers, supplier processes and scalability 

Behavioral Qualifications 

  • Self-starter, able to succeed in a fluid and fast-paced work environment 
  • Cross-culturally aware and able to work in several different cultural environments 
  • Fearless – Have courage to drive change 
  • Strategic thinker while hands on in all activities 
  • Strong Total Cost Business Acumen 
  • Fact Based, Data and Results Driven with a high attention to detail 

Fit with YETI Core Values 

  • Be authentic and innovative 
  • Continually strive for improvement 
  • Prioritize activities that provide the biggest impact 
  • Be responsive and go the extra mile 
  • Act with a sense of urgency 
  • No one succeeds alone 

YETI Coolers is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. 


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