Software Engineer - New Grad

We have a scrappy team of software engineers here at Yelp and we need more! We are hiring students pursuing a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree. We have a variety of positions available on our team, so check out the descriptions below and let us know what you would want to work on!

Full Stack Engineer

  • Understanding of at least one popular server side MVC Framework (Django, Twisted, Rails, Pyramid, Codeigniter, Play, etc.)
  • Experience in JavaScript, HTML and CSS/Sass.
  • Comfortable working in a Unix Environment.
  • Understanding of web security best practices.

Data-Mining Engineer

  • Our Search & Data Mining, Ads and Spam Prevention teams see millions of Yelp reviews and 100+ million (and growing) unique visitors as one giant playground for data mining.
  • Strong grasp of algorithms and data structures; expertise in Python, Java, or C++

Back-end Engineer

  • Build whole systems that are simple and scalable.
  • Expertise in your favorite modern programming language: Python, Ruby, Java, Objective-C, or C++

Mobile Developer

  • Create fun and useful mobile applications for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry platforms and beyond.
  • Expertise in Objective C, Java and other mobile languages.

Meet Some of Yelp's Employees

Jorge G.

Software Engineer

Jorge creates new artifacts and features for Yelp’s website. He makes sure that tools are scalable, and that Yelp can support the increase in traffic as it expands around the world.

Carmen J.

Software Engineer - Mobile Development (Android)

Carmen works on the Android Team, writing code and programming features for Yelp’s mobile app. She connects members to the online community and places Yelp’s resources at their fingertips.

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