Software Engineer - Full Stack (Hamburg)

Our full stack engineers bridge the gap between backend data and the frontend websites of Yelp. Their goal is to provide the best user experience to millions of business owners and they’re excited to dive into any area of the web stack to make it happen.

Full stack engineers rarely have a typical day: one day they might be writing HTML/CSS/JavaScript and another they might be discussing the best approach to making our web apps work in our service oriented architecture.

We Are Looking For:

  • Strong understanding of at least one popular server-side MVC framework (Django, Twisted, Rails, Pyramid, CodeIgniter, Play, etc.)
  • Expertise in JavaScript, HTML and CSS/Sass.
  • Comfortable working in a Unix environment.
  • Experience with both backend and frontend performance analysis.
  • Understanding of web security best practices.


  • Experience with TDD and code reviews.
  • Active contributor to open source software.
  • Experience with Google Closure Tools.
  • Experience with both mobile and desktop web application development.
  • Experience with Selenium WebDriver.
  • Experience with popular Python libraries/tools (SQLAlchemy, Pylint, tox, PyPI).

Not interested in diving into everything? Want a more focused role? You might also consider our Backend Engineer role.

Meet Some of Yelp's Employees

Jorge G.

Software Engineer

Jorge creates new artifacts and features for Yelp’s website. He makes sure that tools are scalable, and that Yelp can support the increase in traffic as it expands around the world.

Carmen J.

Software Engineer - Mobile Development (Android)

Carmen works on the Android Team, writing code and programming features for Yelp’s mobile app. She connects members to the online community and places Yelp’s resources at their fingertips.

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