Software Engineer - Core iOS

At Yelp, the Core iOS team empowers developers to quickly get high-quality features into the hands of our users. To make this happen, we build shared libraries, maintain infrastructure for testing and releases, and promote best practices across Yelp’s iOS developer community. Our mission has led us to projects ranging from a library of reusable views designed for testability to a Jenkins merge system that's made broken builds a thing of the past. Developers on Core iOS make changes that impact entire apps and dozens of developers. For us, solving a problem includes working with our peers to design a solution they want to use and finding a way to roll it out in constantly-updating apps with millions of users. In return, we get to build for an audience of talented iOS developers who provide insightful feedback that hones our designs. Our role helps direct the future of an app that launched with the App Store and has stayed on the cutting edge ever since, ready for the iPad and Apple Watch on day one. We are an agile team that helps to create an amazing experience for millions of Yelpers. We are passionate engineers, sure, but we are also fire spinners, roller girls, pilots, bakers, cartwheelers, and makers (of burrito bombers and 3D-printed trophies). Join our world-class team and be one of the personalities that make the Yelp culture awesome.

What You Will Do:

  • Design and implement new tools and frameworks that will improve the development process for dozens of iOS engineers.
  • Think holistically about the health, structure, and performance of our iOS apps and find ways to improve them.
  • Mentor other engineers and share the best practices you’ve learned.
  • Continue to learn, grow, and help us tackle brand new challenges.
  • Be a key part of the larger iOS developer community at Yelp.

We Are Looking For:

  • Mastery of the iOS platform (Objective-C or Swift, preferably both).
  • Strong experience with iOS testing, from breaking controller logic into unit-testable pieces to automated UI testing.
  • Experience automating iOS builds and releases with tools like Jenkins, Unix shell scripting, xcodebuild, and Fastlane.
  • Pointers to past mobile applications you’ve built.
  • If possible, demonstrable contribution to F/OSS projects.

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