Product Manager - Associate Product Manager

Product Managers at Yelp move the needle. In an 'average' day, they might be immersed in UI designs, QAing new features, spec-ing out ideas, analyzing data, and always using and improving Yelp’s site and apps.

We are looking to hire recent college grads for our Associate Product Management Program. Every day, they will be challenged to think creatively about how to make Yelp a more useful and fun place to be. As an APM at Yelp, you'll work with incredible teams of engineers ranging from Search to Mobile, have the opportunity to listen to speakers, receive mentorship from senior Product Managers, and of course, build beautiful-but-simple features used by millions of users.

You Will

  • Be part of a small, exclusive class of Associate Product Managers.
  • Utilize and develop your design, engineering, and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Gain exposure to each of Yelp’s core products — Consumer, Search, Mobile, Business Owner tools, Revenue, and Community.
  • Participate in weekly meetings with Yelp’s PM teams to learn their processes, how they think about product and what problems they’re solving. We want your voice heard.
  • Have a mentor — or really, a friend! —  in your corner. With a relatively small product team, you will get personalized feedback from our VP of Product.
  • Get dedicated time with Yelp’s CEO, who is very involved with the product team.
  • Promotion path to PM in 2 years.


  • Recent Grad: We are looking for graduating seniors who are ready to enter into the program post-graduation.
  • Techie Cred: You should be a CS, Math or EE major with experience building software.
  • Design Chops: While Yelp PMs hold technical degrees, they’re also passionate about design and have either schooling or significant experience building intuitive sites or apps.
  • Passion About The Space: You love the world of social networking, local search, mobile apps, and consumer websites.
  • Non-Nerd Empathy: You're interested in Hacker News and Twitter as much as the next nerd, but you also recognize you're designing for a non-techie audience.
  • A Conditional Love For Yelp: Like a BFF or a tee-ball coach, you should love us but also be able to tell us what we're doing wrong. You'll need to be able to dish out the criticism — and take it, too.
  • A Need For Speed: Daily release cycle? Bring it!

Yelp’s APM + Developer Rotation Program

  • Do you have a passion for both product AND software development? Do you want to build cool products and also deepen your coding skills? We are looking for recent college graduates for our new APM + Developer Rotation Program. Participants in this program will spend a year as a software developer followed by a year rotation on our product team as an Associate Product Manager. If you've excelled at both, you can then decide if you want to continue in product or software development. (Please see Software Engineering - New Grad description for details and requirements for developer roles) Please indicate in your cover letter if you are interested in this role and why you’d be an awesome fit for this unique opportunity!

Send us a note sharing why you fit the requirements above. Bonus: we would love to see your product solutions or new feature ideas for Yelp. (Mockups encouraged!)

Meet Some of Yelp's Employees

Jorge G.

Software Engineer

Jorge creates new artifacts and features for Yelp’s website. He makes sure that tools are scalable, and that Yelp can support the increase in traffic as it expands around the world.

Carmen J.

Software Engineer - Mobile Development (Android)

Carmen works on the Android Team, writing code and programming features for Yelp’s mobile app. She connects members to the online community and places Yelp’s resources at their fingertips.

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