Senior Corporate Contract Specialist


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Senior Corporate Contracts Specialist, reporting to the Associate Director, Corporate Contracts, Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS), will be responsible for generating, identifying, and sourcing ideas as a result of their own research combined with information provided by Supply Chain Analytics, vendors, GPO's, user groups, benchmarked purchase data and CEC participants, from all YNHHS entities. Compilation of this YNHHS information, coordination of product trials, preparation of financial analysis, and user group review are required to negotiate consensus of all entities in a given solution and subsequent conversion and implementation plan for any product or service. All of this is accomplished in direct support of YNHHS and each entity's business plan. Gaining the agreement of all YNHHS facilities requires the Senior Corporate Contracts Specialist to function autonomously in most cases, handling complex multiple tasks with minimal supervision. The ability to change priorities dependent upon organizational need is also necessary. Being a leader and advisor is an expectation of this position. Responsible for collaborating with various levels of Supply Chain teammates and Hospital personnel (to include all entities within YNHHS) to explore alternatives and negotiate with vendors, contracts and agreements for the acquisition of various supplies and services such as Capital and Professional equipment, furnishings, projects, inventory and department supplies. This work will focus on standardization, reduced/stable pricing, adhering to appropriate Purchasing and Contracting policies and preparing contract documents that protect the interest of all of the YNHHS entities.


This positing is co-terminus with grant funding.



  • 1. Working with senior clinical and administrative leadership at all YNHHS entities, a Senior Corporate Contracts Specialist may perform any or all of the following duties to facilitate the acquisition and contracting of goods and services for all entities of YNHHS.
  • 2. Working with clinical and administrative leadership, coordinate and lead the activities of several Clinical Evaluation Committees (CECs) performing non-salary expense analysis, generating cost reduction initiatives for all of YNHHS, coordinating bid processes, conducting detailed analyses of bid options, negotiating contracts to promote product standardization, utilization review and expense reduction. Senior Corporate Contracts Specialist provides leadership at monthly CEC meetings and is responsible for generating ideas for CEC review by all entities. This includes compiling present spending data for each institution, researching various options for cost savings that may be available either with the products or the utilization of those products. Senior Corporate Contracts Specialist prepares a separate cost/value analysis for each entity as well as for the system as a whole. This analysis details the present usage/costs as compared with the potential for reducing those costs as a result of change. Included in this analysis are non-financial factors that will influence the decision. Ultimately work to achieve agreement amongst the representatives of all entities as to strategy for purchase, contract terms, and implementation within each entity for a particular product group.
  • 3. Administer the Capital Equipment negotiation and acquisition process for all entities of YNHHS. Assure the utilization of GPO contracts as appropriate, utilize the Capital Intelligence System (eg, MDB, ECRI) for benchmarking and industry equipment information, access the internal budgeting systems for information, and leverage the volume of the YNHHS capital needs to obtain the greatest value for all institutions.
  • 4. Senior Corporate Contracts Specialist acts as a liaison between the entities, encouraging the sharing of information and practices while bringing end users, clinical leadership and administrators together in a blended conclusion that can change and improve purchase and/or practice to achieve YNHHS goals. Senior Corporate Contracts Specialist develops and implements additional opportunities to achieve interaction with key customers/stakeholders at each site to promote increased utilization of system contract services and improve customer satisfaction.
  • 5. Senior Corporate Contracts Specialistmust be able to maintain a high tolerance for the changing environments and differing cultures at each site and be able to incorporate those site-specific changes and ambiguities into the overall project negotiation and implementation plan for the system as a whole, redirecting the project as needed.
  • 6. Responsible for developing a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) that fulfills the requirements and incorporates all input from the professional end users throughout YNHHS. Solicit, analyze and award contracts to vendors using RFP process and in conjunction with overall YNHHS procedures and guidelines.
  • 7. The Senior Corporate Contracts Specialist meets with physicians individually or in groups, at all institutions to seek information to include in the formal RFP process, to explain the available savings, or to assist in the organization of a trial of the products under review. This step is needed to gain consensus for physician preference product decisions.
  • 8. Senior Corporate Contracts Specialist facilitates the negotiation process individually with vendors or with a team of representative users to achieve the preferred financial results as well as the desired terms and conditions needed by each institution.
  • 9. Maintain comprehensive contract files in the Contract Tracking Database (eg, Tractmanager) and in the Materials Management Information System (eg, Lawson) in accordance with overall YNHHS procedures.
  • 10. Responsible for ongoing management of all contracts assigned in their area of responsibility. Responsible for maintaining System vendor relationships, monitoring contract compliance and responding to service level issues as identified by the entities of YNHHS.
  • 11. Facilitates the implementation of new products at each site so as to enable continuity of purchasing ability throughout the YNHHS.
  • 12. Act as liaison between the entities and attends institution-specific committees as necessary, encouraging the sharing of information and practices.
  • 13. Review, monitor and make comparisons of national, regional and local contracts (VHA/Novation/DNS, etc.) to determine and ensure value to YNHHS and its affiliates. Participate in GPO councils as appropriate to provide member input and/or gain benchmarking information and networking.
  • 14. Responsible for supply chain savings targets, standardization initiatives and other YNHHS and Hospital business plan initiatives as agreed upon annually in the form of personal goals.
  • 15. Follow all Corporate Compliance guidelines and Patient Confidentiality guidelines. Maintains the confidentiality of pricing among vendors and other outside parties.




Bachelor's Degree preferred.




Five to seven years experience in Procurement and/or Supply Chain Management required, preferably within Healthcare. Experience collaborating with various levels of personnel to explore alternatives to acquisition of various supplies and service such as Capital and Professional equipment, furnishings, projects, inventory and department supplies. Experience with contract, agreements and negotiating with vendors. RN or Clinical/Technical experience preferred. Experience with Healthcare GPOs is also preferred.




e.g.: CMP, CMRP preferred




Develop and maintain working relationships to collaborate with all hospital and YNHHS personnel. Ability to function autonomously in most cases, handling complex multiple tasks with minimal supervision. The ability to change priorities dependent upon organizational need is also necessary. Ability to conduct complex analysis in Excel, be proficient in Word and Power Point, and communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Develop and maintain working relationships to collaborate with all Supply Chain, hospital, and YNHHS personnel. Ability to function autonomously in most cases, handling complex multiple tasks with minimal supervision. The ability to change priorities dependent upon organizational need is also necessary. Ability to lead value analysis teams and bring value analysis projects to a timely conclusion is a must.


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