To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values—integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion—must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

The Assistant Chief Technologist provides support for all daily operations of the Diagnostic Radiology section as necessary to achieve the level of service excellence, exam quality, patient safety, and customer satisfaction consistent with YNHH and department standards. This includes the performance of all duties and responsibilities associated with a Technologist II position. To meet the staffing needs of the department, as necessary, Diagnostic Radiology staff may be assigned at any of the YNHH Diagnostic Radiology locations, regardless of your regularly assigned work location.



  • 1. Assists with various administrative tasks to achieve the goals of the department as it pertains to service excellence, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and employee / patient relations as noted by the section manager or chief technologist.
    • 1.1 Communicates all relevant service, quality, or compliance information to staff in a timely manner as received from section manager, physicians, and service representatives. Ensures and/or documents staff-s understanding as necessary.
  • 2. Monitors patient and staff schedules and makes adjustments to ensure proper staffing levels sufficient to achieve quality patient care and the efficient operation of the section. Consults with other sections as needed to coordinate activities or resources.
    • 2.1 Focuses on reducing salary and overtime expenses for the section by initiating action to increase efficiency or by tailoring staff schedules to fit demand when possible.
  • 3. Assists with oversight of the Environment of Care, supply inventory, equipment maintenance, and QC procedures to ensure consistent, high quality, patient care
    • 3.1 Monitors the Environment of Care daily and takes action as necessary to report or correct variances. Participates in Clean & Safe rounds with staff or section manager.
  • 4. Participates in planning, development, and implementation needs of the Diagnostic Radiology section.
    • 4.1 Participates in the development and implementation of new or revised procedures or imaging protocols as directed by the section manager or radiologist.
  • 5. Performs a variety of technical and professional tasks and uses complex imaging equipment to produce quality exams for radiologist interpretation and diagnosis. Efficiently follows routine protocols, proficient in advanced imaging, demonstrates independent judgment, and has minimal inactive resource utilization.
    (See Tech II job description for more details.)
    • 5.1 (See Tech II job description for more details.)
  • 6. Provides quality and compassionate patient care utilizing appropriate age specific standards in order to ensure patient cooperation, safety and satisfaction. Promotes the YNHH pledge for Service Excellence.
    (See Tech II job description for more details.)
    • 6.1 (See Tech II job description for more details.)
  • 7. Performs various clerical, record keeping, and QA tasks in order to maintain integrity and completeness of the HIS, RIS, and PACS patient record and billing.
    (See Tech II job description for more details.)
    • 7.1 (See Tech II job description for more details.)
  • 8. Participates in various learning, teaching, and research opportunities in order to further personal knowledge and expertise for oneself or others.
    (See Tech II job description for more details.)
    • 8.1 (See Tech II job description for more details.)
  • 9. Follows established safety precautions and procedures in the performance of all duties to ensure a safe environment for patients and staff.
    (See Tech II job description for more details.)
    • 9.1 (See Tech II job description for more details.)
  • 10. To enhance the patient experience in Diagnostic radiology all staff will be responsible to achieve patient satisfaction scores set by the department on the Test & Treatment section of our Press Ganey Survey.
    10. Staff will present themselves in a friendly and courteous manner; Staff will identify themselves and their role while encouraging a Patient and Family Center experience.
    10.1 Staff will fully explain procedure and ask if the patient has any additional questions about the procedure.
    10.2 Staff will address any comfort issues a patient may have prior to starting procedure.
    10.3 Staff will thank patient once procedure is completed and ask the patient if they have any additional questions.
    10.4 Staff must meet the above goals and fiscal year threshold value, which was last fiscal year actual for a 2 rating on review.
    10.5 Staff must meet the above goals and exceed fiscal year threshold value by +.2 for a 3 rating on review.
    10.6 Staff must meet the above goals and exceed fiscal year threshold value by +.4 for a 4 rating on review.



Required to meet one of the following with registration / certification specific to the imaging modality:
>Graduate of an A.M.A. approved Radiologic Technology program.
AS degree required, BS degree preferred.
>Graduate of an accredited (CAAHEP) School of Diagnostic
>Graduate of an accredited Allied Health program or Bachelor's degree
program with an additional requirement of 12 months of full time
instruction in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.


Three (3) years of comprehensive modality-specific imaging experience to include advanced imaging techniques, with at least one year experience at YNHH.


Certification by the appropriate governing body as a technologist in good standing in one or more diagnostic imaging disciplines. Advanced certification in the modality preferred.
Licensed as required by the State of Connecticut.
CPR certification preferred.


Above average technical skill and knowledge of anatomy and physiology as applicable. Proficient with RIS computer applications. Demonstrates leadership qualities with good organizational, communication, and customer service skills.


Must be able to lift a minimum of 40 pounds to assist with patient transfers.

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