To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values—integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion—must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

Under the direction of the Executive Director of Heart and Vascular Center (HVC) and Yale New Haven Transplantation Center (YNHTC) Services and in coordination with the Clinical Chief of the HVC; the Clinical Manager of HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel Team is responsible for administrative supervision and management for the Cardiac Surgery Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners within HVC Cardiothoracic and Vascular Services, its operations, and clinical practice. Responsibilities will include managing Cardiac Surgery clinical practices; assuring comparable standards of care throughout the continuum of care; providing strategic operational leadership; and working clinically as needed to supplement the activities of the other HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel team members within the HVC Cardiothoracic and Vascular Services, its operations, and Cardiac Surgery clinical practice to meet the needs of the patients providing high quality and safe care.
Other duties include but are not limited to: personnel hiring/dismissal; new hire orientation; performance management; peer review adherence; scheduling/staffing of personnel. The Clinical Manager of the HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel reports will be accountable for all facets of the teams operations including managing patient demand and throughput, patient satisfaction, regulatory preparedness, quality improvement, employee satisfaction, business development, clinical integration, and fiscal stability. The Clinical Manager of the HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel Team will be responsible for promoting an operation and culture that focuses on patient-and family-centered care and on enhancing a world class model of seamless quality and cost effective patient care 24/7 both operationally and clinically.
In addition the Clinical Manager of the HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel Team will assist in the development of a self-directed work team that provides safe, effective, family focused care to patients who require services. This includes quality assessment, clinical development and education for the members of the Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners within HVC Cardiothoracic and Vascular Services, its operations, and Cardiac Surgery clinical practice. The Clinical Manager of the HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel Team will serve as a liaison within the HVC Cardiothoracic and Vascular Services, its operations, and Cardiac Surgery clinical practice and assure consistency in The Joint Commission (TJC) and regulatory requirements as needed. The Clinical Manager of the HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel Team specific activities and responsibilities flex with the strategic planning of the HVC services, its operations and Cardiac Surgery clinical practice. The Clinical Manager of the HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel Team should determine whether needed resources have been appropriately committed and facilitate the deployment of additional resources where indicated. Decisions regarding change to practice are developed and implemented in collaboration with the Executive Director of HVC and YNHTC Services as necessary. The Clinical Manager of the HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel Team has responsibilities towards both public and professional education through interactive programs, conferences, abstracts, presentations, in collaboration with the Cardiac Surgery Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners within HVC Cardiothoracic and Vascular Services HVC services, its operations and Cardiac Surgery clinical practice and multidiscipline partners.



  • 1. In conjunction with the Executive Director of HVC and YNHTC and Clinical Chiefs, develops, the Clinical Manger of HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel staff in HVC Cardiovascular and Vascular Services, its operations, and Cardiac Surgery clinical practice maintains and improves a work environment that is patient focused and meets the needs of staff and referring physicians; defines vision for the evolution of the service, staffing and budgets to meet organizational targets and in the planning and development of future goals and responsibilities of the HVC Cardiovascular and Vascular Services, its operations, and Cardiac Surgery clinical practice.
  • 2. The Clinical Manger of HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel staff in HVC Cardiovascular and Vascular Services, its operations, and Cardiac Surgery clinical practice provides supervision and management for all direct reports; meeting regularly with Physician Associates/Nurse Practitioners to address issues of common concern. Schedules and facilitates regular meetings with HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel provider group as a whole or 1:1 as appropriate.
  • 3. Completes or oversees the completion of personnel schedules that maintains an established practice staffing pattern to meet patient care standards and assesses and resolves operational issues regarding the Service.
  • 4. Meet regularly with the HVC Executive Director and Cardiac Surgery Clinical Chiefs regarding the HVC Cardiovascular and Vascular Services, its operations, and Cardiac Surgery clinical practice. Demonstrates CHAMP Behaviors and adherence to I am Y-NHH Patient Satisfaction Initiative.
  • 5. Plan and coordinate the recruitment of all Cardiac Surgery PA/NP staff including the development of job descriptions, advertising, review of applications; candidate screening and interviews in collaboration with HR and department leadership.
  • 6. Coordinates on boarding of new Midlevel providers and assists new staff with integration into the team ensuring timely credentialing/proficient with procedures; new employee training/orientation relative to daily responsibilities.
  • 7. Provides initial training and introduction to invasive procedures, including paracentesis, thoracentesis, lumbar puncture and central venous access, which includes reviewing the techniques required and hands on training with the specific kits used at YNHH. The Clinical Manager will supervise Cardiac Surgery PA/NP and MD during the first five of each of the above procedures and signs paperwork for privileging and provides direct assistance to credentialed employees needing help with difficult procedures.
  • 8. Assists supervising/collaborating physician with chart review of Midlevel providers. Supports departmental leadership in Hospital operational, regulatory and department clinical QI/QA processes as requested.
  • 9. The Clinical Manger completes payroll and coordinates with the Clinical Administration Coordinator and leads of specialty services as necessary. In conjunction with Human Resources, monitors compensation of mid-levels nationally and locally and ensures, and adjusts as necessary, appropriate compensation for PA and NP staff employed by Heart and Vascular Center. Maintain employment status and salary for all direct reports in database.
  • 10. Assures PA/NP compliance with HIPAA, regulatory and accreditation standards Assures timely credentialing and re-credentialing of PAs/NPs by the Medical Staff Office in compliance with Medical Staff By-laws and Rules and Regulation. Lead/assist with deployment of new initiatives and regulations.
  • 11. Educates new employees about the team structure and the respective roles and expectations for Cardiac Surgery PA/NP. Provides new employees with formal training of their daily responsibilities including: rounding on patients, documentation, sign out duties, computer training, online billing, calling consults, and other logistics of working in a large tertiary care facility.
  • 12. Provides related teaching and education to unit nurses and PA students from the Yale University School of Medicine Physician Associate Program.
  • 13. Meets regularly on a scheduled basis with other HVC staff regarding working relationships with our team (for example: nursing managers, day and night time nurses, care coordinators, business associates and pharmacy). Meets regularly with staff throughout the hospital about the Heart and Vascular model and outlines proper communications with our team. Serves as a resource and contact person for HVC staff as needed.
  • 14. Meets with the Chief Residents about relationships with the resident services. Identifies and communicates physician and mid-level continuing medical education opportunities to help ensure that YNHH medical staff's credentialing requirements are met.
  • 15. Provides welcome address and education about our team to the interns and serves as a clinical resource for residents on the Heart and Vascular units. Help to foster a positive working relationship with resident services.
  • 16. Performs or assists in the administering of performance appraisals and review of employee job performance; facilitates Peer Review initiative; coach; mentor; and encourage the professional development of the HVC Cardiac Surgery Midlevel Providers to achieve their highest level of excellence for their position.
  • 17. Maintain individual employee files for Cardiac Surgery PA/NP team with all personnel matter records. Acts as a liaison with Human Resources to resolve employee problems, questions and concerns related to their benefits.
  • 18. Responsible for Cardiac Surgery PA/NP disciplinary matters and resolution as appropriate in collaboration with Executive leadership.
  • 19. Attends all YNHH management meetings and represents the Heart and Vascular Center on the YNHH Safety Committee; represents the Executive Director of HVC and YNHTC at meetings, as needed.
  • 20. Maintains and tracks discretionary budget expenditure for each Cardiac Surgery PA/NP in conjunction with the Executive Director and Clinical Chief, assuring that the budget is not exceeded.
  • 21. Works on patient satisfaction initiatives within the team. Implements measures to aid in patient satisfaction. Identifies and conducts service-specific performance improvement initiatives; responds to patient complaints and patient satisfaction concerns; identifies information needs of team members, patients and families.
  • 22. Maximizes opportunities in the clinical setting for informal education of staff, patients, and families. Actively researches information on Heart and Vascular Center patient medical conditions and shares information with other team members and students. Promote the dissemination of the newest clinical evidence in literature to improve patient care.
  • 23. At the instruction of the Executive Director of HVC and YNHTC or his/her designee, assists in the care of patients assigned to the HVC Cardiovascular and Vascular Services, ensuring safe and efficient care
  • 24. Daily rounding on assigned patients and has the primary responsibility for documenting the patient status, data assessment and plan of care. Regularly communicates patient status information and test results to Attending Physicians.
  • 25. Assists Attending physicians (Heart and Vascular Center, YMG, NEMG, or Community) with patient care, has primary responsibility for medical record documentation and related paperwork (except for discharge summaries), and ordering of tests/procedures and sub-specialty consultations.
  • 26. For new admissions, may obtain comprehensive health histories, perform complete physical examinations, enter admission orders for appropriate laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests, and complete orders for therapy under the supervision of Attending Physicians.
  • 27. Identifies healthcare needs and assesses the status of patients and coordinates post-discharge follow-up care, including contacting patients or primary care physician as appropriate. As a healthcare provider, is responsible for reporting adverse or potential adverse events related to patient care.
  • 28. Performs necessary invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, as credentialed by Yale-New Haven Hospital Office of Physician Services or under the supervision of an Attending physician.
  • 29. Serves as a liaison and interacts with the rehabilitation staff, Food and Nutrition staff, and other ancillary services to ensure timely and comprehensive care for all patients. Communicates patient treatment plans to social workers, care coordinators and health care agencies. Provide education to patients and families about transition needs.
  • 30. Completes discharge paperwork, including the W-10 and prescriptions. Reviews discharge instructions with patients and nursing at time of discharge; coordinates outpatient follow-up as required or appropriate.
  • 31. Ensures medical record documentation meets YNHH, State and Federal guidelines, clearly documenting patient diagnosis and medical information required for legal and billing purposes, billing for all procedures performed as appropriate with documentation and Attending Providers name for day performed.
  • 32. Participates in a level of continuing medical education (CME) activity annually that improves the quality of care provided by the Service line, attends all Team meetings; completes all mandatory training requirements related to HIPAA, Emergency Management, patient safety, or as assigned.
  • 33. Participates in Heart and Vascular Center educational conferences and attends Yale University School of Medicine Grand Rounds, as time permits.



BS or BA degree and graduation from an approved accredited Physician Associate or Nurse Practitioner program required. Master Degree in related field strongly preferred. Candidates without a Master Degree will be expected to complete it within 2 years of appointment. Must be certified by the National Board of Examiners Commission for Physician Assistants or Certified as a Clinical Nurse Practitioner by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.


Minimum of five years related experience as PA or NP caring for patients in the specialty area of assignment in a hospital environment is required. Minimum of two years experience performing organizational and educational tasks in support of HVC Cardiac Surgery strongly preferred. Minimum of one year supervisory/administrative experience.


Valid CT Physician Assistant/Advance Practice Nurse Licensure. Certification in HVC Cardiac Surgery specialty preferred.
Must hold valid CT medical license, controlled substance registration and Federal DEA certification


1. Advanced clinical knowledge and diverse leadership skills are required.
2. Ability to work independently with minimal surpervision, develop and lead programs, foster a positive work environment.
3. Ability to train and supervise employees with clear and accurate direction and guidance that represents Y-NHH positively and respects diversity is required.
4. Excellent analytical, interpersonal, organizational, problem solving, time management, written, and oral communication skills are required.
5. Microsoft office and computer skills are required.


Must be able to stand for long periods of time. Must be able to mobilize throughout the patient care areas located with the organization and campus locations as required for patient care across the continuum and service line strategies.

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