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Under the direction of the 340B Program Integrity Manager the 340B Contract Pharmacy Sr. Specialist is responsibile
for leading and deveoping strategies to maximize efficiency and ensure compliance with the 340B Contract
Pharmacy Program. Coordination of system pharmacy activities related to 340B Contract Pharmacy Program
across all delivery networks



  • 1. Compliance & Auditing
    Perform audits of contract pharmacies as appropriate and develop corrective action plans /monitoring
    system where necessary. Review aging inventory, contract pharmacy billing and invoices for accuracy .
    Escalate obstacles and unresolved issues as appropriate to Corporate Pharmacy Leadership. Routine
    monitoring of utilization records and 340B purchasing accounts to ensure that software or tools are working
    properly. Prepares and assists in the monitoring and various tracking and reporting measurements to
    ensure compliance with the program. Monitors reports on 340B participation that clearly document
    utilization, savings, problem areas, exceptions, and/or discrepancies to pharmacy and administrative
    leadership. Communicates key metrics and improvement actions to management. Ensures appropriate
    documentation and audit trail across areas of responsibility.
  • 2. 340B Purchasing Program
    a.Serve as a project liaison for the 340B Contract pharmacy program functions. Oversees the 340B
    contract pharmacy marketing program to attract and retain qualified retail pharmacy contracts and serve
    eligible patients Reviews and negotiates any new 340B contracts. Maintains all 340B contracts.
    Manages relationships, billing services, and compliance with contracted 340B pharmacies. Evaluates all
    current and future contract pharmacy opportunities, including contract language, fee structure, data setup ,
    and internal and independent external auditing.
  • 3. Pharmacy Supply Chain Procurement
    Coordinates maintenance of system databases to reflect changes in the drug formulary or product
    specifications. Coordinates routine monitoring of utilization records and 340B purchasing accounts to
    ensure that software or tools are working properly. Oversees 340B regulatory aspects of the inventory
    purchasing process for outpatient, inpatient, and mixed-use areas. Regularly monitors 340B purchasing
    activity and compliance with established protocols
  • 4. Education
    Develop proper 340B quality assurance training for employees as appropriate Provide proactive
    education to staff on policies and procedures related to 340B Contract Pharmacy procedures. Expand
    professional development through related classes and seminars, current publications, and regional /national
    association membership participation.
  • 5. Leadership: Serve as primary point of contact for all 340B contract pharmacy vendors. Coordinate vendor
    requests related to service agreements, account set up, 340B split software integration needs, Information
    System extract creation and file transfer process. Proactive oversight of contract pharmacy activities and
    continuous monitoring to ensure program integrity. Foster working relationships with internal working
    counterparts (IT, Internal Audit, Results, Accounting, and others) to facilitate productive exchanges of
    information to improve program efficiency and promote program compliance
  • 6. Information Systems: Develop a thorough understanding of the split -billing system and the functions to be
    performed. Educate others involved in the purchasing process to ensure proper operation and compliance
    as it pertains to 340B contract pharmacy network. Maintain system databases to reflect changes in the drug
    formulary or product specifications. Use provided tools to monitor prescription data, patient data, hospital
    data, payer data, site of care, and, if required, ICD-9 codes. Summarize and report results to Corporate
    Pharmacy Leadership
  • 7. Participates in departmental, organizational and/or health system committees related to pharmacy services ,
    medication procurment, finance and other hospital initatives as appropriate.



Graduation from an accredited College of Pharmacy with a Pharm. D. degree. Completion of a
residency in hospital pharmacy administration from a program accredited by the American Society of Hospital
Pharmacists is highly desired but not required. A minimum of three(3) to five (5) years of retail/specialty pharmacy and/or related
experience in hospital 340B pharmacy management.


Minimum of three years of experience in a retail/specialty pharmacy administrative setting with demonstrated
skills in project management, experience in coordinating committees and application of quality improvement
techniques is required . Experience in 340B Contract Pharmacy Program is required


Connecticut state pharmacy license required


Experience in data analysis, excellent written and verbal presentation skills are required. Must posses process
improvement and change management skills. Strong working knowledge of electronic spreadsheet applications
(e.g. Microsoft Excel), electronic data manipulation, strong math-analytical
skills, excellent communication skills, and ability to train other employees.

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