Sr. R&D Engineer

Software R&D Engineer, Mobile Imaging

The Mobile Imaging team is comprised of 10 passionate engineers that throughout time have developed technologies used in many digital cameras and smartphones. Starting with red eye correction, that has been part of one out of every two compact cameras sold worldwide, to HDR, face beautification, bokeh or 3D portrait relighting shipped in hundreds of millions mobile phones, we been writing the history of digital imaging. While taking photos or shooting videos you have surely used one of the technologies developed right here, in our Bucharest office. We are now looking to grow our team with passionate engineers to help us continue the success story.

With us, you get to see our ideas coming to life in devices such as mobile phones, drones, action cameras or gimbals. You will get to participate in all cycles of the development. In your role, you will be able to play a contribution in activities such as:

-          Research of neural solutions for solving computer vision and image quality problems 

-          Research of 2D image processing and 3D rendering algorithms for photography and video

-          Development of embedded software to deploy these solutions into actual devices

-          Performance optimization both at algorithm and implementation level

-          Support for transferring of the technologies towards the field teams

Our ideal candidate would:

-          Be ambitious, talented and self driven

-          Be motivated by challenging technical problems

-          Have passion for building great products

-          Have good communication and team working skills

-          Be able to grasp neural and image processing theory and apply it into practise

-          Have solid software development skills and knowledge of imaging

In terms of qualifications we are looking for:

-          Computer Science or Electrical Engineering degree. MSc or PhD in machine learning or imaging is definitely a plus

-          Proven record of technology development in any field (ideally, but not neccessarily related to imaging)

-          Software development experience, especially with native C, C++

-          Experience working in Agile environments

-          Experience with development of neural technologies would be a big plus

-          Knowledge of Android native development is also a plus


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