Machine Learning - Senior Research Engineer

Machine Learning Senior Engineer


As consumers continue to use technology to experience the world in new and exciting ways, Xperi ( will continue to be right there. Through its innovative technologies and solutions in Audio, Imaging, Machine Learning and Semiconductors, XPERI enables experiences that are intuitive, personal and accessible everywhere.


XPERI’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) group develops cutting-edge machine learning and neural networks algorithms together with advanced software tools and efficient hardware architectures that enable consumer devices to understand their surroundings and to deliver personalized, immersive experiences.

With headquarters in San Jose, California and R&D teams in Ireland and Romania, the OCTO plays a key strategic role in shaping the future of XPERI.


Job Description

We are now recruiting for a skilled Machine Learning Senior Scientist/Engineer for our Bucharest office. The ideal candidate is expected to assume a technical leadership role in cutting-edge research as a member of the XPERI OCTO. She/he will have a proven record of having worked on advanced research topics in areas such as Pattern Recognition, Image Classification and Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Information Theory, Statistics and Probability, Deep Learning, and Large-Scale Optimization. In addition, the candidate is expected to demonstrate a structured and detail-oriented approach to their work and follow rigorous scientific and engineering approaches. The candidate will be self-motivated and focused, comfortable collaborating with geographically dispersed teams, passionate about AI and ML, a team player, and eager to make a difference as a member of a motivated team of ML researchers and practitioners.

The successful candidate will be part of the highly skilled OCTO team responsible for developing advanced machine learning and neural networks algorithms reporting to the VP of Advanced Research.



  • Identify, research and prove next generation, efficient machine learning / deep learning algorithms, theory and methods for solving large-scale AI/ML problems
  • Drive technology development from initial concept to implementation and then performance validation. Generate technical documentation and test procedures in support of produced research.
  • Contribute jointly with other OCTO teams in the development of machine learning related tools and frameworks for data management, visualization, implementation and performance evaluation
  • Keep up to date with latest advances in machine/deep learning, both industry and academia.
  • Contribute to the IP portfolio of the company.





Required Skills:

  • MSc degree in a relevant field with at least 3 years relevant industry experience
  • Advanced knowledge and expertise in some of the following areas: Machine learning, Neural networks, Information theory, Statistics and Probability, Modelling and optimization
  • Understanding of latest machine learning developments
  • Solid C/C++ and Python programming language skills
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills, excellent written and spoken communication skills, and a strong drive to solve problems and disrupt the status quo
  • Familiarity with version control systems, preferably Git and development methodologies such as Agile/Kanban


Additional Skills (would be added advantage):

  • PhD diploma in a related field
  • Proficiency with deep learning development tools such as Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch
  • Proven record of direct involvement in the development and productization of AI/ML technologies
  • Comfortable with Advanced mathematics
  • Demonstrated interest for Audio and Imaging: acquisition, processing, analytics and display, IoT, AR/VR, Autonomous driving.
  • Record of patents/publications in relevant area



XPERI Bucharest

4A Timisoara Blvd,

AFI Park 5, 3rd floor, District 6

Bucharest, Romania

T +40 311004503


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