Audio Fidelity Engineer

    • Woodland Hills, CA

Xperi is looking for a highly motivated, organized, and detail-oriented person to serve as an engineer on the Audio Fidelity Team. You will be joining a team of engineers who are passionate about getting the highest quality audio experience out of all Xperi technologies. Strong listening skills and an ability to hear like a consumer are a must, because you will be helping this team to evaluate/improve Xperi technologies in products including AVRs, Televisions, Soundbars, mobile phones, tablets, automobiles, and more.

Working very closely with Research and Development (R&D) engineers, you will contribute to the audio performance of our technologies by conducting objective quality checks and subjective listening feedback through all phases of the product development cycle. Your contributions are critical to ensuring a high standard for audio post-processing and codec solutions from a subjective perspective via well-defined evaluation methods. This position also defines audio quality and tuning guidelines used in the implementation of Xperi solutions in OEM products and competitive analysis benchmarking. Some coordination with customer-facing engineers will be required to ensure proper alignment of Xperi technology functionality with end user desires. Awareness of cutting-edge consumer audio will also serve you well in this role, because we are often granted the opportunity to confirm that Xperi is offering a superior audio performance against similar technologies in the consumer audio marketplace.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Work directly with R&D engineers from early concept design through production to implement product improvements and technology enhancements.
  • Evaluate subjective performance of codec and post-processing solution under development by R&D teams, following well-defined audio quality processes and methodology.
  • Support technology API development and final tuning of internal-only parameters and default API parameters.
  • Provide tuning guidelines for audio post-processing solutions to be implemented in product documentation and used by customer support team based on evaluation process.
  • Conduct benchmark evaluations of Xperi audio solutions implemented on customer products and competitive analysis.
  • Work with R&D engineers to prepare/expand subjective quality test plans based on technology feature definitions.
  • Provide audio quality improvement feedback to R&D teams based on development evaluations and released products benchmark testing.

Education and/or Experience

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in audio engineering, electrical engineering, or related
  • 6+ years of experience working in a CE product industry, either IC, automotive, mobile or home AV
  • Excellent critical listening and evaluation skills required
  • Fundamental knowledge of DSP and audio testing required
  • Experience using most commercial audio tools and software packages (including Adobe Audition, SMAART, MAX/MSP, Audiomulch, etc.) required
  • Experience using audio hardware capture/analysis tools (Audio Precision, HATS, etc.) preferred
  • Experience with audio system setup/troubleshooting (soundcards, AVRs, amplifiers, DAWs, etc.) strongly preferred
  • Experience with C/C++, Matlab, Python, XML, or scripting languages preferred
  • Familiarity with common codec and post-processing audio artifacts required

Other Skills & Abilities

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Must possess a strong ability to communicate (verbal & written)
  • Capable of translating opinions of auditory experiences into useful feedback for other engineering disciplines; experience successfully working as a cross-functional team member preferred
  • Self-starter, able to work independently such as being productive without day-to-day instructions regarding new projects
  • Ability to exercise good judgement and determine appropriate actions

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