Senior Software (PHP) Developer

Hello. We’re World First and we’re a bit different from the rest…

The role:

World First runs a completely in-house IT team consisting of ~90 talented people and growing. We cover all areas of IT development, spanning several functional areas, and we are passionate about producing innovative systems and software to drive our business forward.  

The Senior Software Developers at World First build a wide range of applications that include:

  • Our online foreign exchange (FX) trading platform
  • API powering our mobile apps
  • Back office system for managing trades, making payments, handling compliance events
  • Market automation platform  


We expect the following foundational knowledge:

  • Object oriented coding with proper design patterns (please don't mention singletons)
  • At least one MVC framework (we currently use Zend, Symfony2, Silex and we are open to other framework experience)
  • Version control, preferably distributed (e.g. git, which is what we use)
  • Good working knowledge of the Linux CLI

Anything from the next list will help you knock our socks off:

  • Domain driven design
  • SOA and microservices
  • SOLID principles
  • Message queues

You are:

  • Able to write testable code
  • Someone who likes the idea of working in a scrum team
  • Self-motivated with good organisational skills
  • Someone who enjoys working with your team and helping to develop upon and maintain code with them

How we do it… 

Aside from building great software, we use several tools and methodologies to ensure that we empower the development teams. Every line of code goes through reviews and we use continuous integration tools to run our tests, measure complexity, and make sure the code matches PSR-2 coding standards. We have separate development servers, staging environments and live environments. We also don't just use LAMP, we have message queues, caches, round robin databases, proxy servers, and anything else that helps us build robust and elegant systems. We use scrum and we have a project management team dedicated to higher level prioritising, requirements gathering, and helping write the stories.

Meet Some of World First's Employees

Lucy M.

E-Commerce Sales

Lucy works alongside global marketplace sellers to help scale their businesses and enable them to move funds around the world through secure payment solutions that match individual needs.

Natalie C.

Corporate Dealing Desk

Natalie manages currency exposure for businesses that partner with World First. She handles everything from trade execution and payment support to actual strategies that minimize risk.

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