Senior QA Analyst

Your overarching responsibility will be to help ensure quality in our software applications, and its vast number of dependencies within our infrastructure. You will be expected to remain focused on testing all tickets presented, beyond the happy (easy) testing paths, whilst helping to make the Agile process work for your Squad.

You will be working alongside project managers (SPOC) single point of contacts, stakeholders where necessary, engineers and developers working on different layers of our business. Therefore, your on-time commitment to a collaborative problem solving, sophisticated depth in your testing approach, building robust strategy and creating quality documentation is essential.

Key capabilities and tasks:

  • You will be expected to help make the Agile process work for your Squad, help develop and implement a robust testing strategy
  • You may be expected to present your thoughts, ideas and or a formal presentation to your team
  • Attend meetings in your team and meetings that are considered necessary to your work.
  • Test all the tickets assigned to you - checking the functionality and acceptance test specified in the ticket and exploratory testing.
  • Document your testing result and be available to communicate your testing results.
  • You will be expected to work with SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) who is a representative from the product & continuous improvement team, to help drive performance
  • You will be expected to help improve the quality of our software, by going beyond happy (easy) testing steps
  • You will be expected to get involved early in every project, feature, bug fix and ticket improvement to help determine the “test-ability” of the application in time for development and during testing, expected to share skills and learn new ideas from your colleagues
  • You will be expected to ensure that your time is used resourcefully and flexible toward change
  • You are proactively picking up new skills or learning technologies introduced to the team’s code-base / you will also be willing to help your team members get up to speed with new technologies (or new members with existing projects and technologies), and help meet deadlines.
  • You will be set KPA (Key Performance Indicator) to help drive your own and better manage team’s performance.


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