Senior Linux Systems Administrator - Contract

The role:

We are hiring contract Senior Linux Systems Administrators to continue to support our IT Team empower World First as we continue to be one of the fastest growing UK foreign exchange specialists.

Key responsibilities will be:

  • Maintain our On-Premise and Co-located Server Infrastructure
  • Manage our production web infrastructure, including our public websites
  • Support our Developers and development infrastructure
  • Identify ways to improve system scalability, performance and reliability
  • Be responsible for backup, disaster recovery, security, and monitoring procedures
  • Keep up to date with new technologies and analyse their possible use within World First
  • Document system design and procedures
  • Ensure we meet all compliance and regulatory requirements

Experience/ Knowledge:

  • Significant Linux Sys Admin skills with at least 3 years and 3rdline support experience
  • Good experience supporting websites using the LAMP stack
  • Experience with the following technologies:
  • DNS (Bind, PowerDNS)
  • LDAP and Kerberos
  • Nagios or ChceckMK
  • NFS
  • MySQL
  • Ansible
  • Bash, Shell, PHP, Python
  • HA configuration (Corosync, CMAN, Pacemaker)
  • Logstash and Elasticsearch
  • Nginx, Apache and HAproxy
  • Experience working with developers in a devops environment
  • Knowledge of best practices related to security, performance, and disaster recovery

In addition to the above technical skills, the ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills with an ability to communicate with tech and non-tech team members equally well.


  • Understanding of core networking concepts like network design, firewalls, Reverse Proxies, TCP/IP, Routing, DNS, VPNs, NAT

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