Solutions Architect

What We Do

Enterprises today are strategically leveraging on demand talent to get work done. This is what Work Market refers to as the “Future of Work.”  How do they find this talent? How do they verify their skills and background? How do they give them instructions and collect deliverables? How do they pay these workers and handle the (sometimes complicated) tax implications? And finally, how do they integrate this process with their existing ERP, CRM, BPM infrastructure?

Answer: Work Market. We streamline and enhance on demand talent engagement and management so enterprises can focus on what they do best.

Our Solutions Engineering Team

The Solutions Engineering team, which stands outside “core” engineering, is tasked with injecting technical expertise into multiple departments whenever it is required. This ranges from customer-facing pre-sales support to reviewing marketing copy to building vital customer integration systems. The Solutions Architect (SA)’s duties will be primarily focused around on gathering requirements for, designing, building and maintaining specialized customer solutions, in whatever form they take.

Required Qualifications

  • Extensive full-stack development experience with:



AWS (EC2, Beanstalk…)


MySQL or similar

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Front-end frameworks

Web services APIs

  • Strong grasp of web tech (HTTP, DNS, etc.)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Experience in a project-based, customer-facing role
  • BS in Computer Science or similar

What you will do

  • Manage and perform enterprise-level customer integrations
  • Assist in designing & building (sometimes entirely new) systems for satisfying these requirements
  • Utilize & modify existing systems (esp our internal rules engine “Relay” framework) when necessary

Meet Some of Work Market's Employees

Steve N.

Director Of Product Management

As Director of Product Management, Steve acts as a bridge between the Platform Services Team and the Engineering Team, overseeing big-picture projects, like allocating additional resources for freelancers.

Marqia W.

Senior Front-end Engineer

Marqia’s role at Work Market is a hybrid of traditional front-end engineering and user experience design. She works closely with the Product Team to build the best website for freelancers.

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