Learnership with Co-founder

Who we are:

Work Market is the leading platform for freelance labor. Our freelance management platform is providing the biggest brands in the world and freelancing businesses, with a solution that allows both sides to manage an end-to-end contract engagement at scale. We are right in the middle of a rapidly growing freelance economy that will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020. Backed by some of the world’s most successful VCs, and led by a seasoned management team, we’re poised to transform the world of work for good.


What We Do:

We enable clients with the ability to expand and contract their workforce based on market demands and allow them to stay relevant and efficient in a competitive marketplace. We provide access to on-demand subject matter experts that allow companies to be productive and efficient. We offer freelancers the ability to have a flexible work schedule and to be selective about their project engagements while also building their portfolio.


What you’ll do:

Work Market’s Co-founder is looking for a summer intern with experience in software design, coding and debugging. This knowledge is essential for all applicants. Experience gained in the classroom and through personal application will be accepted. This role will potentially turn into a full time opportunity. The technologies for this specific role are listed below.

  • iOS app build in Swift
  • App UI built using Storyboards and NUI for styling
  • Backend written in node.js, on Express 4
  • MongoDB for data storage
  • GitHub for source control and collaboration
  • Heroku for hosting

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