Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer, you can enjoy the perks of a fast paced, high tech organization in the gorgeous Denver Area.  Our agile environment allows for a flexible environment with an integrated work life. Engineers love solving complex problems with autonomy and authority and are encouraged to stay on top of new technologies.  Innovation is the key to our success; we do not get stuck in a rut! Being a customer driven environment, we have seamless daily and weekly releases. You can see your code in production in short order.

This specific opening is for a role on one of our data infrastructure teams.  It is a unique blend of software engineering and data science. This team focuses on data leadership and business intelligence; in short, the problem we are trying to solve is how can Workiva provide better data analysis and usability to our customers.  This role would be ideal for an engineer with passion around data and statistics who enjoys writing server code. The exciting part of this role is that the team is evolving their tech stack, so you would be able to have input on technologies used to solve problems.  Ideal role for a true self-starter!

What You’ll Do:

  • Work on a data pipeline that processes 5GB of data daily
  • Write cutting edge code
  • Manage a data warehouse containing terabytes of data over hundreds of tables
  • Work on any part of the stack - hugely scalable distributed systems
  • Deploy quickly to production
  • Work on an agile development team
  • Work with other engineers, designers, and test engineers to bring prototypes to life
  • Deliver data to various internal customers including members of the executive team
  • Work on a small team of <10 engineers

What You’ll Need:

  • BS CS/EE/CE, or equivalent job experience
  • A passion for coding and building complex applications
  • Fluent in either Python, Java, or both
  • Experience with AWS or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technologies
  • Excellent problem solving skills, great attention to details
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly and understand a wide variety of technical challenges to be solved
  • Statistics and data analytics background, passion for data science

Bonus Points

  • Experience with Hadoop or Spark-type infrastructure
  • Experience with Machine Learning
  • Familiarity writing code that works across all popular platforms and browsers
  • Experience with Google Compute Engine
  • Experience with Docker or other container systems
  • Experience with Lambda
  • Experience with Graph Databases

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