Data Engineer


Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for a talented and versatile data engineer to work directly with our Engineering Manager and Head of Analytics to lead the technical and data operations of a fast paced growing software company. You should be technologically curious and have a passion for solving problems related to data and business operations.

We are looking for someone who understands the importance of systems and how they relate to the overall business success.  This position will have aspects of Data Architecture, Development, IT, and Analytics combined into one role.  As the Data Engineer, teams will rely on you to lead the charge in maintaining the overall integrity of our databases and how the information flows to the different business units throughout the organization. We leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our preferred provider for our locality and its ability to scale outside the team. This engineer will be someone that is passionate about solving problems and working independently.  In terms of teamwork, someone who is willing to go the extra mile, put in some late nights around deadlines, and truly understands the importance of data integrity and system automation.  

In particular, the Data Engineer will be supporting When I Work’s core values of be curious, be dependable, be resourceful, and value artistry around how we can ensure the integrity of our data and leverage it to the maximum benefit of When I Work’s customers.  We desire someone who believes that “data is the new oil” and can directly help the Analytics team drive analyses at a stronger and faster rate than ever before.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Manage the integrity of company data and database infrastructure using AWS, MySQL, and working side by side with development and product team members.
  • Be the technical resource for the Analytics team in all data requests, processes, and needed “plumbing” situations - always with eye toward how data informs the business and scales over time.
  • Develop and manage systems and tools used throughout the organization by working with different members of the organization to set short term and long term goals for how we manage our systems and data.  
  • Help develop intricate SQL queries or scripting to pull data out of Redshift & Production databases and potentially other analytics tools such as Chartio, Marketo, Tableau, Segment, etc.
  • Develop and manage the disparate data sources and connections from APIs through the development of tools, webhooks and cron scripts that plumb data where it needs to be.
  • Manage all connections and feeds from all data sources and tools
  • Creating scheduled tasks that fire events to webHook for user intel and predictive analytics
  • Monitor in an on-call capacity the analytics pipelines and data availability.  
  • Work collaboratively with the Head of Analytics and Engineering Manager to assure data integrity and the ability for us to slice/dice data according to business questions that come up


Experience and Skills Needed

  • Combination of 3 - 7 years of data pipeline and analytics experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar field
  • Extensive experience using AWS as a platform, including tools like Lambda, SQS, Kinesis, Data Pipeline, Athena, S3, Redshift.  Optimization and cost management of these services is also critical.
  • A self-starter who can work autonomously, make sound independent decisions, while being able to efficiently manage time and multiple projects simultaneously
  • An explorer - someone who loves to think through problems and come up with solutions to those problems
  • Life-long learner - always looking for ways to expand individual toolbox with interests in attending development conferences, additional training on core business systems, etc.
  • Advanced skills in SQL querying and scripting
  • Advanced skills working with and understanding relational databases
  • Advanced skills operating and maintaining realtime and batch data pipelines.
  • Someone who understands the importance of “data integrity”
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills - can communicate complex ideas to different types of audiences
  • Must demonstrate strong interpersonal skills
  • Understand and be comfortable with the idea of the Scientific Method driving how we analyze and determine success via data
  • Outstanding team player and understands the value of all members of an Analytics Team (Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Plumber, Data Custodian)
  • Flexibility, but always with an eye toward Process - Transparency key
  • Depth of knowledge in data and database arts, but can also do Terraform automation, CloudFormation, Script API’s, understands security, and can follow, comment, and improve on a set of best practices.

What Would Be Awesome To Have

  • Prior SaaS working experience
  • Data modeling and ETL experience
  • Familiarity with Salesforce and Marketo would be awesome additional gold stars


What’s In It For You

  • Medical and dental benefits
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Flexible work environment
  • Remote possibility for right candidate
  • Dynamic and dedicated team
  • Data/Cell (internet) stipend
  • Casual dress code


Sound Like a Good Fit?

  • Check out our core values. If they excite you, we’d love to talk!  Please submit the following to apply:
  • Resume (including months/years of employment for each position)
  • Cover letter explaining why you’d like to work at When I Work, and not somewhere else.
  • (Anything else you want to ask for in their cover letter or application?)
  • Will consider REMOTE APPLICANTS.


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