Senior Lead, Design Strategy

Design StrategistDesign Strategy, Senior Lead
Enterprise / PxWe

Expectations of Senior Lead Level position:

  • People Manager: May manage a small team of junior employees (1 or 2 people)

  • Individual Contributor: More experienced individual contributor. Making independent decisions about most areas of their work. Asks for help as needed but mostly self-directed

Expectations of Senior Lead Education and Experience:

  • Minimum of 6 yrs of directly related experience to the delivery of design or workplace strategic planning services, design strategy or architecture/interiors experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience

  • Minimum of 4 yrs experience in management of clients and people

  • Understanding and experience in operation, leadership, professional development, and P&L

  • Bachelor's degree (BA/BS)from 4-year college or university and or Masters (MBA, MFA, MArch, etc) preferably in architecture, interior design, industrial design, human factors engineering, or a related academic field.

About PxWe at WeWork:

WeWork has evolved from providing flexible workspaces for individual members to providing a full suite of design, construction, and operations solutions to a wide range of members including Enterprise companies. Under the Powered by We (PxWe) brand, WeWork leverages its vast experience, market penetration, and economies of scale to deliver exceptional custom designed spaces and services for clients of all shapes and sizes. To support this rapidly growing offering, we're scaling our best in class team.

About Design Strategy:

Design Strategy is a discipline within PxWe Technical Services, aligned to WeWork PxWe regional clusters. Design Strategists perform basic envisioning research and develop insights the direct design team deliverables. They interpret design-influencing information provided by WeWork Consulting services or learned from the client directly, e.g. visioning, interviews, observations, workplace surveys, focus groups. The workplace design strategist is deployed to cross-functional teams to conduct discovery and deliver space and activation strategies as part of the envisioning process. They will manage and link between discovery, insights and design through space programming and planning for large Enterprise client projects. Design strategists report to a Design Strategy Manager and are deployed regionally within design clusters.

About the Role:

The PxWe design strategist's role is part researcher, part business coach, part design strategist, and part client advocate. You are trained as an architect or interior designer, but most passionate about the front end of projects where a strategy for the design is developed. You are eager to bring new and different tools, processes, experience to the table and excited to explain how it is a value to the WeWork Design Strategy team. Experience with planning for agile development, flexible/collaborative environments is a plus, as is experience with mobility profiling. Knack for story-telling with data and diagrams desired. You must seamlessly balance thoughtful, programming and planning practices with fast-moving needs of client-specific workplace discovery and design activities.

  • You must brings rigor to program metrics and calculations for specific enterprise client needs (project based and/or across a clients real estate portfolio).

  • You must listen carefully to the clients questions and concerns, and tell a story of space requirements and planning that balances the pros and cons of any scenario.

  • You must lead this discussion internally with the client account manager and design team as well as lead the client through your metric and diagram models.


As it relates to workplace space programming and planning, you will be responsible for:

  • Listening to the client's needs and questions and deliver recommendations based on best practice and insights derived from our research and discovery.

  • Developing a space program that marries the clients needs and the wework product offering. Reviewing possible scenarios, stats and metrics relevant to the client and site.

  • Create space planning/blocking and stacking diagrams, circulation flow and site strategies alongside the WeWork design team.

  • Use knowledge from client engagements to develop more effective products and features, tools, processes and tactics.

  • Share enterprise insights with the WeWork Research and Product Development teams to better inform larger trends, patterns of behavior and new products.

  • A part of internal training and learning to build skills and capabilities within the Design Strategy team as well as with internal partners across WeWork Consulting, PxWe, Culture, Growth and Fundamental Research teams.


  • Hard Skills (Excel, Indesign, Revit)

  • Soft Skills (plays well with others, can make clients and end-users at ease, knows how to not ask a leading question, committed, hard-working, humbly awesome)

  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative research into end-user behaviors and needs (to align well with our insights team and research team)

  • Confident in leading presentations to clients (charismatic, good explainer)

  • Comfortable reading and analyzing floor plans for basic workplace metrics.

  • Equally comfortable with both statisticians and sales professionals.

  • Deep knowledge of best-in-class corporate workplace programs, and the impact of coworking / workplace-as-a-service trends.

  • Organized with an analytical mind with the ability to see the forest through the trees.

  • Deep knowledge in space programming and planning and experience in bridging strategy into design.

  • Reporting on trends, best practice, while also helping to launch the next great idea.

  • An engaging (verbal and written) communicator, facilitator, story-teller and public speaker.

Who You Are:

  • A team collaborator, clear communicator, prudent risk-assessor, and effective motivator.

  • Habitually thinking outside the box and exploring new ways to execute projects and services.

  • Committed to continuous improvement and optimizing productivity.

  • Intensely curious about the future of work, the future of retail and brand strategy

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