Director, Government Affairs

About the Role

The Government Affairs Director will direct and manager WeWork's public policy and influencer engagement efforts in China (with a focus on Shanghai and East China). This full-time position is based in Shanghai and report to Head of Government Relations, China.

  • Short-term objectives: responsible for handling government-related affairs for WeWork's business operation in Beijing and stay abreast of policy trend in East China.

  • Mid to long-term objectives: responsible for government affairs in the whole Eastern China Region, depending on assessment of his or her ability and the overall size of the government affairs team in China in the years to come.

The person in the role will work closely with General Manager, Greater China, Marketing and Sales leads for China and other team members of the Public Affairs team. The position will offer the right candidate a unique opportunity to be a true partner in continuing to build an important region for the company.

Strong candidates should possess a sophisticated understanding of government affairs, have a down-to-earth attitude in handling things and can get things done under immense pressure. This role will work in a fast-moving cross-functional organization with both internal and external stakeholders.


  • Establish WeWork as an influential and accountable player in the co-working space sector, and strengthen WeWork's brand image within the government and trade associations through partnerships, programming and thought leadership.

  • Support WeWork to obtain various administrative permits necessary for its business operation in China, ensure WeWork is in strict compliance with government regulations and rules.

  • Lobby for policy change and improvement of administrative practices to strive for a conducive environment for the growth of co-working space sector in China.

  • Monitor and flag sectoral development in China and around the world as well as competitive and industry analysis.


  • Develop and direct government affairs strategy in precarious and sensitive scenarios.

  • Develop and implement a wide range of proactive communications plans and initiatives to promote WeWork to relevant government agencies in East China.

  • Develop and implement launch strategies for new markets from the government affairs perspective.

  • Facilitate and support WeWork to obtain various administrative permits necessary for its business operation in China, including but not limited to business registration of WeWork companies and member companies which have entered into service contract with WeWork, fire prevention, construction permit, zoning and approval for housing usage etc.

  • Align with both the internal teams of WeWork and external organizations, including multi-level government agencies and relevant stakeholders such as landlords, trade associations, academic and research institutions, media and the other non-profit organizations.

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of policy trends including but not limited to the co-working space sector and industrial innovation etc.

  • Draft reports submitting to various government agencies whenever necessary.

  • Build out the platform for WeWork's executives via speaking engagements and interview opportunities and work directly with executives to manage those opportunities.


  • 10-15 years of working experience in the private or public sector, candidates with working experience in the real estate sector or government authorities are preferred.

  • Extensive relationships with various government agencies and trade associations, with in-depth understanding of government practices.

  • Background of academic training and working experience in public policy, law, media, public relations, real estate (building engineering) or business.

  • Willingness to handle tricky issues under strong pressure and precarious circumstances, able to get things done independently, and always have strong motivation and ability to identify issues and find out constructive solutions.

  • Excellent organization, communication, writing and presentation skills, candidates with experience working across multiple levels, functions and regions are preferred.

  • Good command of English, including both oral and written skills at working language level.

  • Well connected with an easy-going character, always willing to listen to the others and be flexible and adaptive.

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