Site Security Supervisor 1

Market Job Description1Supervise activities of physical security staff to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and corporate policy requirements related to or impacting security.2Responsible for the day-to-day supervision of a group of non -managed employees at a stand alone site and/or for operations of the location3Conduct or manage Investigations and the collection of data / initial information related to security incidents and ensure all relevant incidents are reported/recorded.4supervise the work performed by security personnel deployed at the location. Conduct briefings and trainings at regular intervals. 5Responsible for monitoring and processing of safety and security alarms in accordance with Wells Fargo security procedures 6Escalate the incidents according to Coporate Security procedures through the heirarchy7Manage the physical security resources provided by hired agencies as primary security client on the advise of site security manager as a contact and first line incident responder to robberies, burglaries, thefts, work place violence and other incidents which may have a negative impact against the company interests. (at the location)8Be responsible for first-line fire fighting capability at Wells Fargo location, coordinate with facilities team to ensure proper maintenance of all firefighting equipment, compliance with relevant local/state fire and safety ordinances and appropriate training for personnel who might be called upon to respond to fire and life safety incidents. 9Build trained ERT team to support any site specific emergencies and building evacuation10Drive the implementation of key security systems and processes as well as provide the analysis required to iteratively improve the security position. 11Assist with internal and external compliance testing and audit programs and conduct ongoing site security reviews to assure the effectiveness and quality of security programs12Manage incident reporting systems and trend data for continual security process improvement, risk minimization and balanced security delivery13Training and development of new security personnel / officers with procedures and policies of the company and provide orientation to field staff14Ensuring the right trained/qualified security personnel are recruited and their ongoing performance monitored.15Assist in the development, maintaining and execution of security best practicesSecondary (what s/he does 20% of the time):1Establish liaison relationships with local police, security and intelligence services and maintain a network of contacts with security managers in the industry 2Maintain sound knowledge of industrial trends on physical security issues. Market Skills and Certifications1Should have minimum 03 years of relevant security industry or corporate experience; Should have demonstrated capability in managing core security operations.2Graduate/Post graduate degree; certification in security mangement would be desirable3High Integrity, ability to deal with ambiguous situations/environment, emotional stability; Self driven;

Clear & effective communication skills 4Fair knowledge of Security systems / Equipment & applications. 5Knowledge of Audit & Compliance and Visitor Management /Material management from a functional stand point6Fair Knowledge of MS Office package and relevant computer skills

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