Inventory Associate

This position manages the supply of materials for the production and dispensary operations of the company, the assignment and tracking of patient designated plants to WCM in compliance with the State of Maine rules and regulations, the inventory of WCM products and their movement among WCM facilities company wide, and the data management systems to accomplish these tasks. The position coordinates the efforts of WCM operations and dispensary personnel with the needs of our clients, and communicates frequently with site managers in Portland, Bath, Gardiner, Brewer, and Auburn. The successful candidate will possess a passion for organization and forecasting, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and a willingness to continually learn more about this unique industry.

Responsibilities and Duties

The main responsibilities of the Inventory Associate are as follows:

  1. To ensure compliance of WCM activities with the Rules Governing the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program.
  2. To coordinate and supervise distribution of medicine and other products from our central facility in Auburn, in order to ensure adequate inventory stocks at each dispensing location.
  3. To manage the data systems for plant cultivation, cost allocation and product tracking.

This position may also perform other duties related to the successful operation of the Company as requested by the Director of Production Operations and Controller.

Operational Duties

  • Monitors inventory tracking systems and forecasting schedules according to Company policy and state law
  • Inspect and count all inventory items, including plants; investigate and report adjustments
  • Monitors medicine and retail inventory levels and provides frequent reports to Director of Production Operations and Controller.
  • Maintains understanding of internal production and distribution systems, timelines, and needs; advises on improvements to systems

Administrative Duties

  • Provides weekly and monthly reports to the Director of Production Operations and Controller.
  • Works with inventory software system to forecast, monitor and adjust distribution capacity and inventory levels, adjusts quickly to solve problems and meet demand
  • Produces inventory serial numbers and coding for all products sold in our Dispensaries
  • Communicate with Accounting Department regarding inventory adjustments
  • Work with production and processing managers to understand their future needs

Required Skills

Excellent time-management skills; ability to effectively plan and prioritize Skill in managing physical resources (budgeting, inventories, equipment, materials) Ability to focus; attention to detail Skill at using computers Mechanical skill Ability to communicate clearly and calmly Ability to remain calm in periods of high stress or unusual activity Ability to maintain confidentiality and absolute reliability and honesty

Required Education

  • BS in business administration or equivalent

Required Experience

  • 2+ years’ experience in warehouse management, inventory control or related area Work history showing progressive responsibility, willingness to accept additional projects or challenges

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