Outbound Operations Manager

Job Description

Job Title: Outbound Operations Manager

Location: 871

Reports to: General Manager/ Plant Manager

Direct Reports: 1st shift shipping manager, 2nd shift shipping manager, 3rd shift shipping manager


Job Description:

The Outbound Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the entire warehouse shipping operation. He/She should have extensive knowledge of the various shipping procedures and protocols while developing new techniques to increase production. The Outbound Operations Manager will be responsible for ensuring all new employees receive proper training and current employees who need retraining are given adequate instruction.

The Outbound Operations Manager will be responsible for monitoring the daily, weekly, and monthly metrics for all three shipping shifts; He/She will ensure all consequences of failing to meet the expectations are enforced. Consequentially, the Outbound Operations Manager will be in charge of maintenance hiring for the various shipping departments to ensure all metrics can and will be met, to possibly include opening shift change bids. He/She will also supervise a team of Logistics Expeditors to achieve 100% same day shipping for both grounds and commons shipping. This includes ensuring that each department is achieving all output requirements. Additionally, he/she will be responsible for ensuring our damage rates are below 1% for both grounds and commons.

Furthermore, the Outbound Operations Manager will lead weekly and monthly manager meetings to relay all information passed down from the Warehouse Operations Manager. These meetings will provide an overview of current metric standings, areas of improvement, personnel issues, and updates on quarterly initiatives. These quarterly tasks will be chosen by shipping managers from a list of specific directives that must have quantifiable data to back improvement.

The Outbound Operations Manager will be expected to work, at minimum, one full day per month with each shipping shift. As needed, he/she will fill the role of an absent Shipping Manager due to illness, vacation, or other obligation not allowing a Shipping manager to be present at work. In the absence of the Warehouse Operations Manager, the Outbound Operations Manager and Inbound Operations Manager will assume all duties and responsibilities assigned to the Warehouse Operations Manager.

The job duties of the Outbound Operations Manager include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly shipping metrics
  • 100% SD shipping for grounds and commons
  • <1% damage rates for grounds and commons
  • Enforce all safety procedures
  • Actively engage in MBWA and acting out our company culture
  • Oversee logistics Expeditors
  • Maintain proper employment levels to ensure metrics will be met
  • Delegate Quarterly initiatives and monitor progress
  • Conduct weekly and monthly manager meetings
  • Handle the various Carrier issues that may arise
  • Both ground and LTL
  • Develop continuous procedural improvements
  • Fulfill the role of a Shipping Manager when needed
  • In the absence of the Warehouse Operations Manager, assume all of his/her duties for the prescribed amount of time

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