Director Of Engineering

The Director of Engineering will be a hands-on technical architect with our full stack of technologies while providing direction and leadership to the technical team.  


  • Continuously design, develop, and deploy services with focus on high availability, low latency, and scalability
  • Act as technical architect and lead team of developers
  • Write Code using JavaScript/Node.JS
  • Develop and maintain PostgreSQL backend database
  • Maintain current release process using Heroku/Semaphore
  • Partner with product owners, the Quality Assurance team and others in an agile environment using JIRA 

  • Develop and direct team of internal and external developers

  • Responsible for the maintenance of the current environment as well as improvement through the addition of new modules and enhancements 



  • Strong development experience
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills
  • Ability to perform extensive peer reviews.
  • Excellent project management experience
  • Skilled at processing and analyzing large data sets



  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field
  • 5 years of software development or related experience plus at least 2 years of leadership experience


The conditions herein are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.

Physical Requirements: This position will spend long hours sitting and using office equipment and computers which can cause muscle strain. The position may also have to do some light lifting of supplies and materials from time to time, up to and including 20 lbs. The position requires talking, expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken and written word to impart information to clients or to the public, and to convey detailed spoken instructions to other workers accurately, loudly, or quickly. 

Environmental Conditions: The office may be a busy facility. This position may have to manage a number of projects at one time, and may be interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of residents, clients and contractors. The incumbent in this position may find the environment to be busy, noisy and will need excellent organizational, time, and stress management skills to complete the required tasks.

Sensory Demands: Sensory demands include use of the computer, which may cause eyestrain and occasional headaches along with hand / wrist strains from using computer keyboard and mouse. The office may be noisy and busy making it difficult to concentrate.

Mental Demands: This position will have to manage a number of requests and situations at one time. Stress may be caused by the need to complete tasks within tight deadlines.

Vision: See in the normal visual range, with correction if needed.

Hearing: Hear in the normal audio range, with correction if needed.

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