Senior Strategy and Innovation Manager

    • Boston, MA

Senior Strategy and Innovation Manager - Pricing B2B

Profit Management

Profit Management is focused on steering growth strategy and analytics across Wayfair's categories, by leveraging highly quantitative business analytics and cutting-edge data science techniques. This team directly manages Wayfair's profitability via dynamic pricing and product sorting algorithms to balance the delicate tradeoff between short- and long-term profit, while working cross-functionally to affect product selection, merchandising, operations, and marketing initiatives. 


About the Team: 

Wayfair Professional helps hundreds of thousands of businesses make good spaces great. We serve customers in the Office, Hospitality, Interior Design, Contractor and Property Management sectors, with a broad assortment across furniture, fixtures and decor. Wayfair Professional has nearly tripled in size over the past 24 months and our team ensures we're driving that growth profitably. We do that by controlling Wayfair’s dynamic pricing, discounting and product sorting algorithms to manage the delicate tradeoff between short and long term profitability.


What You'll Do:


  • Develop the growth strategies for priority B2B product classes (e.g., classroom desks, commercial appliances) by working closely with cross functional teams to understand competitive dynamics, positioning, sales and margin impact


  •  Run diagnostic analytics and evaluate the revenue / profit tradeoff for matching / beating competition on price
  • Test B2B-specific tactics to unlock new growth opportunities (e.g., bulk pricing, free/discounted samples, warranty pricing)
  • Develop effective and scalable pricing strategies and processes to support our growing enterprise business
  • Leverage tens of millions of daily competitor price crawls and hundreds of millions of rows of Wayfair transactional and site navigation data to re-define Wayfair’s measurement of price competitiveness in the B2B space

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