Senior Software Technical Manager

Engineering Manager, Predictive Platform

The Predictive Platforms team focuses on building and deploying machine learning models across domains like fraud, sales, and service at Wayfair. The team participates in end-to-end development and validation of the model, as well as putting it to use at scale in our production environments. We apply a variety of techniques to succeed, ranging from statistical modelling, hypothesis testing, and dimensionality reduction to, event stream processing and containerization.

You’ll enjoy working with us if any of the projects below sound exciting to you:

  1. Detect fraudulent transaction behavior at Wayfair, and help reduce chargebacks.
  2. Reduce customer contacts at Wayfair through predictions and cluster analysis.
  3. Distinguish B2B customers from B2C customers, so that we can provide a more tailored experience for our B2B customers.

A successful person in this role has experience building ML models and putting them to use at large scale. You have a passion to use data science to help solve complex problems, use technologies to wrangle large datasets, generate ideas & explore new areas, and enjoy sharing your knowledge to mentor and help your team to grow.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Architect platforms and pipelines that run these models in production environments, focusing on scalability and stability.
  2. Manage a medium-sized team, focusing on mentorship and performance management.
  3. Push the limits of our architecture, and lead the team to explore and adopt new technologies that will help improve our current architecture.

An ideal candidate has:

  1. Experience building machine learning models from large datasets, using scikit-learn.
  2. Experience leading teams to deploy such machine learning systems at scale.
  3. Strong experience working with Python and SQL.
  4. Experience building high scale data and event processing systems with technologies like Apache Storm, RabbitMQ, and Kafka (or other similar technologies).
  5. Experience managing and growing teams, while focusing on mentorship, performance management, career development, project planning, and understanding business value, while maintaining a bias for action.
  6. Good communication & collaboration skills - ability to work across teams to drive output.
  7. 5+ years of industry experience, and 3+ years of experience managing a small to medium sized team.
  8. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field.

Other valuable skills (nice-to-haves):

  1. Familiarity with Scala, Spark and/or PySpark, or R
  2. Experience optimizing models to reduce time to train and deploy.
  3. Familiarity with technologies and platforms like Pandas, Redis, Zookeeper, Flask, Airflow, Vertica, Microsoft SQL Server, Docker and Kubernetes.

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