Senior Software Engineer - Transportation

Wayfair is one of the world’s largest online destinations for the home. We’re the creative builders solving complex business problems through the newest and most innovative software in e-commerce. From Marketing Engineering and Proprietary Logistics to Development Platforms and Infrastructure Engineering, we leverage open source technology to create our own platforms and engineering tools, and our continuous deployment environment promotes frequent releases to production. We move fast, build to scale, and approach each challenge with agility and creativity.

Wayfair is looking for experienced, Team Leads and full-stack developers to join our Transportation Engineering team.  The Transportation team's systems ensure Wayfair can rapidly and reliably deliver orders to customers -- everything from 5 ounce Christmas tree ornaments to 3500 pound concrete fountains.  We coordinate the flow of information between customers, suppliers, warehouses, carriers, home delivery agents, and more -- all to support the delivery of over 1 million orders every month.

How will you be challenged?

Wayfair continues to build and scale out its custom e-commerce delivery network. A critical component of this strategy is transportation operations. The transportation engineering team builds functionality throughout the Wayfair Delivery Network that enables product to flow seamlessly from suppliers to customers.

The group builds applications and services to compete with customer expectations cultivated by other retailers that include shipping as fast as next day and frictionless merchandise returns. This problem space is particularly complex given the uniquely large packages that comprise a large percentage of Wayfair orders.

The key motivators of the transportation are to drive down costs, increase delivery speed, and maintain a reliable customer delivery experience.

Some examples of recent projects:

The transportation team has worked diligently over the past year to lay the initial foundation for the Wayfair Delivery Network. Over the past few months, initiatives have focused on driving down costs while maintaining delivery reliability. These include:

  • Allow customers to schedule deliveries [to improve delivery reliability]
  • Building a better returns process to improve customer experience and drive down costs
  • Better manage the movement of freight in the network by being cognizant of promised delivery date/reservations, days to deliver, etc [drives down costs and improves delivery reliability]
  • Show users a volumetric time series to increase utilization on our truckloads [lowers transportation costs]
  • Uber-like tracking experience on the day of delivery for our WDN Customers ( higher engagement and NPS, leading to more repeat customers )
  • Transportation Hackathon blog post:

What will you do?

Lead technical roadmaps, design, and implementation within a team of high performing engineers that will shape the future of delivering very large items from suppliers to customers.

  • Team building and culture
    • Actively network within Engineering to establish rapport with other leaders across the organization
    • Mentors new hires and other engineers to help them “level up” and become more proficient by example, tech talks, pairing, and other avenues to increase technical efficiency across the organization.
  • Critical thinking and delivery
    • Handle ambiguity with limited oversight; leverage technical acumen, experience, and network to answer questions and remove roadblocks.
    • Propose and own initiatives to completion while balancing various tradeoffs including speed to delivery vs ongoing maintainability and others.
    • Provide high quality code reviews and technically complex architectural designs
    • Bring in new ideas from other internal teams as well as external best practices
  • Communication and persuasion
    • Participates with leadership in making decisions around roadmaps
    • Collaborates well with senior management, product managers, and all other stakeholders

Who you are

  • Mastery of a modern programming language (preferably PHP)
  • Experience mentoring junior engineers
  • Experience leading a large, cross-cutting technical initiative to delivery
  • Proficient in cross-functional consensus building and influencing without authority
  • Proficient in designing systems at scale
  • Proficient in effective troubleshooting and issue resolution techniques
  • Proficient in a modern frontend framework (preferably React)
  • Proficient in writing SQL queries against a relational database

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