Senior Software Engineer, Search Technologies

Search Technologies is a highly impactful team within Storefront Engineering at Wayfair that builds fast, reliable and powerful customer-facing search systems across all Wayfair platforms. If a customer types into a search field, browses our catalog, or views products, they are routed through our systems. Our infrastructure is fast, reliable and distributed to provide the most enjoyable browsing and shopping experience for our customers and partners. The scope of data that the Search Technologies team manages includes Wayfair’s entire catalog of products, customer orders, reviews, and even employee knowledge-base articles. Search Technologies is a unique team at Wayfair that exists at the nexus of our infrastructure teams maintaining our physical and cloud resources, our catalog systems that generate millions of updates per day, front-end engineering teams building intuitive interfaces for our customers, and our data science team.

The Search Technologies domain at Wayfair includes:

  • Data pipeline systems that can ingest millions of data change events within minutes, funneling them into document updates on our primary search indexes.
  • Our search-parsing system that effectively routes keyword searches by customers to the correct components of our system, to provide both search suggestions, as well as the most relevant results.
  • Infrastructure to support our Visual Search system, that converts user-uploaded images into visually similar search results using Deep Learning
  • Software to maintain our search infrastructure, with caching, failover capabilities, and a customized deployment process.
  • Software updates to our core SOLR infrastructure, including JVM performance optimization, data storage and query optimization
  • Building Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing tools to augment and enhance Search experience. Ex. knowledge extraction from unstructured text, such as customer reviews, to enhance search relevance.

Technologies include:

  • Apache Solr, Python, Java, ReactJS, MS SQL Server (as well as other big data and nosql data stores), Kafka, Varnish, Redis & Memcached.

In this role, you’ll join a tight-knit team of highly motivated engineers with a passion for delivering a quality search experience. You will work on challenging projects, collaborate with engineers across multiple teams, and foster a cohesive team in a very dynamic environment. You’ll be expected to participate in creating a set of objectives and results that can drive technological advancements, not just for Wayfair’s business needs, but for our engineering team as a whole.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Language Science or related engineering discipline
  • 7+ years of software development experience in Java or Python.
  • Substantial experience in relational database (MS SQL or similar) schema design, optimization and architecture
  • Ability to work creatively and problem solve independently
  • Comfortable working in a collaborative, fast-paced and dynamic work environment
  • Experience in algorithms and data structures


  • Experience with Solr, Lucene, Elasticsearch or similar text-based search technology
  • Experience in Natural Language Processing modeling and applications
  • Experience with large-scale data processing and design of distributed systems. Experience with streaming technologies like Kafka, Spark, Storm etc are a plus
  • Experience in a hybrid, multi-datacenter infrastructure environment
  • An ability to communicate technical details to technical and non-technical peers
  • Passion for mentoring and leading peer engineers
  • A continuous drive to explore, enhance, automate and optimize distributed systems

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