Manager of Machine Learning - Prod Ops

Introduction to the team:

We’re looking for a manager to lead a new team within our Production Operations organization.  This would be an opportunity build a platform from scratch in a highly critical organization through a combination of architecture, design, and managing a small team.  Here is a bit of the vision we see for this role:

  •         Leadership - The team is not in place yet, so you’d have an opportunity to build and lead this team
  •         Data mining - uncover deep insight hidden in our vast repository of raw data, and provide tactical guidance on how act on findings
  •         Algorithm design - develop quantitative models, leveraging machine learning and advanced data analysis techniques
  •         Algorithm platform engineering - architect and build technical platforms for our algorithmic engines to run at scale
  •         Influencing business decisions - relentlessly leverage our work and encourage adoption across our business partners, to drive real business value

As part of this role, you will be a creative thinker in how to solve problems, utilizing quantitative/technical skills along with business understanding to devise solutions. You’ll work within Wayfair’s big data technology infrastructure in order to dive deep into our data sets and develop innovative new capabilities.


  •         Be a hands on leader, managing a small team of engineers
  •         Build a platform to ingest data streams from real-time sessions on our websites.
  •         Work in complex data systems and wrangle data from multiple sources including sales, customer, and clickstream databases
  •         Uncover anomalies in real-time.
  •         Conduct analysis and build models to uncover key learnings from data, leading to appropriate strategy recommendations.
  •         Derive single and multi-variant algorithms to detect anomalies in real-time across different funnels in our website.
  •         Serve as an algorithm and engineering lead to build advanced quantitative solutions into our overall technical platform
  •         Work alongside engineering leaders to detect outliers in our technology platforms and make suggestions to improve them.


  •         BA/BS/MA/MS plus 7+ years' experience working with data
  •         Strong statistical background; machine learning experience highly valued
  •         Ability to communicate with upper management
  •         Strong programming skills relevant to data science:
  •         Preferred stack: Python + IPython Notebook, NumPy, pandas, machine learning packages
  •         R, Matlab and other data/statistical language experience also valued
  •         Excellent communication skills, including summarizing/describing your projects
  •         Projects demonstrating data prowess and/or coding prowess
  •         Excellent communication skills, including summarizing/describing your projects


  •         Programming experience on non-data related projects in any languages
  •         Experience working with data in a business context
  •         Experience with SQL or other databases
  •         Experience with big data (Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Logstash)

·         Experience with Git, GitHub, bash / UNIX scripting

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