Creative Director, Emerging Experiences


About the Position:

“Emerging experiences,” eh? You might be wondering: is that exactly what it sounds like, or should I be digging deeper? If you’re leaning toward the latter, you already fit the description of a true VSAer. You know, someone who’s always digging deeper—in this case to generate and uncover big programmatic ideas.  


So now that we’re in this ditch together, let’s talk about the position. We want someone to help us create innovative, interactive business solutions that live on screens, within virtual worlds and in physical spaces. Ideas ROOTED in discovery and innovation that grow superfood-like results. You’re a certified cross-pollinator of channels and platforms, with a history of creating beautiful, transformational brand experiences that you oversee from thinking and creating to implementing.


As Creative Director of Emerging Experiences, you’re not afraid of a hard day’s work in the metaphorical sun, especially with such a trusty team out in the field with you. And since you’re as comfortable in design as you are in UX as you are with the written word, naturally you’re bound to help us break new ground.


About Us:

We are a group of dedicated, collaborative and kind people that value smarts over egos. We work very hard to create human-centered, insight-inspired work that moves people, changes behavior, and answers real strategic problems. We started as a design firm over 30 years ago and operate today with a “design thinking" approach to everything we do. Formally, we’re a branding and marketing company that approaches business challenges holistically and aims to break down silos between branding, digital, marketing and advertising. Informally, we’re a group of closely-banded colleagues, who come together every day to make something great.


• You will ensure and maintain a consistent, high quality level of work for all assigned accounts.


• You’ll also establish overall direction for client programs and projects, orchestrating all creative aspects.


• You will synthesize and translate creative briefs to the team, including communicating account knowledge with them so they understand and articulate brands according to established guidelines and philosophies.


• You will lead creative development and execution across all tactics and mediums, with cross-platform, omni-channel approaches for a wide variety of projects.


• You will plan/manage processes and practices to ensure that programs are aligned with a client’s business goals and objectives, all while identifying potential growth areas.


• With Project Managers and/or Client Engagement, you’ll scope projects accurately and establish project plans.


• You will be the keeper of the work and the workers, ensuring milestones are met, your team is appropriately utilized, and timesheets and expense reports are submitted on time.


• So that means you’ll also help proactively identify and address inefficiencies among the team and offer growth opportunities when appropriate.


• You will leverage and support peers and team members in brainstorms, critiques, etc., to ensure that everyone has a voice and positive collaboration is achieved.


• As a representative of VSA, you will help shape and grow client relationships, articulating our capabilities to potential new business AKA sowing the seeds of opportunity.


• And of course, you’ll help us come up with ideas that are bigger, greener, fresher and tastier than kale (for example).


You’re the Right Creative Director for Us If You…


• Have a minimum of 10+ years of Design, Copywriting or UX experience, preferably in an agency or design firm setting


• Have been effectively managing and leading direct reports for 3+ years, and you can collaborate with a diverse team across multiple disciplines


• Bring knowledge of technology, brand, marketing, and business principles to the table to inspire your team and your work


• Have a focus on digital strategy and solutions, probably cuz you are hip and “with it”


• Have a creative mind that melds ideas into great work that gets noticed by the industry


• Are continuously learning and experimenting, seeding top-notch ideas that grow in any medium


• Are a stickler for quality; you strive to maintain the highest standards, and you inspire others to keep pushing the bar higher


• Consider yourself a problem-solver, decision maker, fair critic, and excellent motivator


• Are detail and deadline-oriented, organized, strategic, and systematic


• Have a semi-psychic ability to see problems coming and devise solutions


• Speaking of psychic, you visualize future-forward immersive experiences


• Can take on multiple projects, prioritize, delegate, and keep your cool through it all


• Are self-motivated, results-driven and have a positive attitude


• Know how to distinguish between good and great and grate


• Play well with others, from clients to writers to strategists, professionally, at all levels of the company


• Want to work here because you want to work with really nice, really smart people dedicated to making the work work well  

Meet Some of VSA Partners's Employees

Ara B.

Director of UX Architecture

Ara leads the UX Architecture Team to understand a company’s needs, objectives, and customers. He then formulates design solutions that resonate with those organizations.

Erin A.

Director, Client Engagement

Erin works as a partner and advocate to VSA Partners’ clients. She helps them address their design challenges and business needs by engaging their own interests with VSA’s team.

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