Machine Learning Engineer, Applied Ai

3+ months agoSan Francisco, CA

Virta is the first company with a clinically-proven treatment to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic metabolic diseases without the use of medications or surgery. Our innovations in nutritional biochemistry, data science and digital tools combined with our clinical expertise are shifting the diabetes treatment paradigm from management to reversal. Our mission - to reverse type 2 diabetes in 100 million people by 2025.

As a full stack health care company of physicians, engineers, marketers and more under one roof, Virta collects comprehensive data on our patients’ experience.  The Applied AI team leverages this data to build the next generation of health care for chronic diseases.  As a member of this team, you will build and interpret intelligent systems that power our product in order to scale the treatment, drive patient acquisition, and improve patient outcomes.

Check out our technical blog to find out how Virta is developing the next generation of healthcare technology:


  • Applied AI Products: Research, develop, deploy, and monitor intelligent systems to improve patient acquisition and outcomes at scale
    • Reframe vague but mission-critical business objectives into empirical problems that can be addressed with machine learning, optimization routines, and statistical modeling
    • Conduct exploratory analyses of users and business processes to understand your datasets and make excellent modeling choices downstream
    • Leverage our platform/tooling to develop and deploy models in our production environment
    • Understand the impact of your models on user and business level KPIs; leverage this understanding to guide subsequent efforts
  • Applied AI Platform: Collaborate with other machine learning engineers in designing extensible software and infrastructure to accelerate model training, serving, and operations
  • Product Leadership: Participate in setting the direction of highly cross functional teams (incl. Applied AI, Product Engineering, Design, Clinical Ops, and Marketing)

90 day plan 

Within your first 90 days at Virta, we expect you will do the following:

  • Immerse yourself in the rich data we collect in service of our patients’ care.  Our data includes high dimensional time series data, meal images, natural language discourse, insurance claims, and much more
  • Ship one new data pipeline or ML model as a feature in our patient or clinician-facing products
  • Teach and inspire other Applied AI team members on your areas of expertise through knowledge sharing, pair programming, and code reviews


  • You have 4+ years experience as a machine learning engineer or scientist, deploying models in production at scale.  Experience deploying models as a part of a (possibly stateful) microservice is strongly desired.
  • You are passionate about directly optimizing core products or operations through AI/ML systems deployed to production
  • You care deeply about exploring data and understanding the real life user behavior and processes that generate it
  • You are expert in Python’s open source machine learning ecosystem.  Experience with tensorflow or pytorch is strongly desired.
  • You are strong with SQL and able to extract data from data warehouses like Redshift or Bigquery.  Experience with modern data processing technologies like Apache Spark or Apache Beam is a plus
  • You excel at communicating progress, trade-offs, and the results of your work to team members from other functions

Values-driven culture

Virta’s company values drive our culture, so you’ll do well if:

  • You put people first and take care of yourself, your peers, and our patients equally
  • You have a strong sense of ownership and take initiative while empowering others to do the same
  • You prioritize positive impact over busy work
  • You have no ego and understand that everyone has something to bring to the table regardless of experience
  • You appreciate transparency and promote trust and empowerment through open access of information
  • You are evidence-based and prioritize data and science over seniority or dogma
  • You take risks and rapidly iterate

As part of your duties at Virta, you may come in contact with sensitive patient information that is governed by HIPAA. Throughout your career at Virta, you will be expected to follow Virta's security and privacy procedures to ensure our patients' information remains strictly confidential. Security and privacy training will be provided.

Job ID: 2614526